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Why did Los Angeles Police want to Arrest Will Smith?

The producers of the Academy Awards told the media that Los Angeles police were ready to arrest Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock on the stage. At that time, the authorities did not take any action because Rock refused to press any charges against Smith. The Oscar-winning actor retaliated physically to a comedian’s joke against Smith’s wife’s bald head, who suffered from alopecia, a hair fall disease.

Los Angeles Police Responds to the Incident

Oscar producers said that the Los Angeles Police department used the word “battery” to describe the actions of Will Smith. They expressed the desire to arrest Will Smith by saying, “we will go get him” and “we are prepared to arrest him right now”.

According to reports, the LA police also discussed options with Chris Rock behind the scenes. Rock dismissed those options by repeatedly saying, “no, no, no, I’m fine”, but still, Oscars producers encouraged him to listen to the police.

The Altercation between Smith and Rock

During the Oscars 2022 Award ceremony, the comedian Chris Rock who was the presenter, cracked an insensitive joke about Will Smith’s wife’s bald head. He referenced the 1997 film G.I. Jane, in which the lead actress shaved her head. He said Jada Pinkett Smith must be gearing up for the same role with her new look. Initially, Smith laughed it off but then got up to the stage and smacked Rock in the face.

Rock argued that it was just a G.I. Jane joke, but Smith warned him to keep Jada’s name out of his “fuc*ing mouth”. The incident ignited a long-standing debate regarding who was right and who was wrong. Some said that Smith overreacted, so Los Angeles police must arrest him, while others said that Rock crossed the line, so he got what he deserved.

Many have also been making memes on the situation to troll these 2 celebrities for creating a scene at the Awards ceremony.

How are things Between Both Celebrities?

Chris Rock talked about the slap at his comedy show and said he was still “processing” what happened. On the other hand, Will Smith has apologized for slapping Rock, saying he “reacted emotionally”. Chris Rock has never apologized for joking about Jada’s bald head. It is also unclear if Rock knew about Jada’s condition before making such a joke.

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