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Uber Pool Drivers Unionizing For Higher Pay Rates

Lyft and uber Pool drivers all over the US are coming together to push for a higher pay rate.  People working for these companies have at times worked for pay rates well below the average pay scale in most states while others have been forced to work for even less having no alternative source of income.

Why Are Lyft and Uber Pool Drivers So Angry

income. Media reports quoted, one lyft and Uber pool driver saying I’ve worked for long hours thinking that I’m making $300 for 30 hours after expenses when in actuality I was making an average of $90 for 30 hours

The driver further stated that in one incidence she drove four people for an hour in traffic and bad weather to gain a profit of $12 which after taxes rendered down to $3.75.That angered and annoyed me. I risked my life by driving in adverse condition for nothing at all.

According to business analytic reports the profit lyft and uber pool divers make as compared to the companies is far less. The companies make billions of dollars each year while their drivers lose a vast majority of their profits to taxes and vehicle maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, Uber’s acquisition of Careem is also making highlights.

What Are The Companies Doing To Address The Current Problem

Just like lyft, Uber also plans to offer an Initial public offering (IPO) but there doesnt seem any strategy in place to address drivers’ grievances. A driver while talking to the media said that I don’t care what package they are offering I want my rate of pay to increased and be treated fairly. The company makes millions if not billions each year and can’t afford to properly pay its employees, now that just wrong.

Both Uber and Lyft have invested in self-driving cars to increase their profits further hence reducing their dependence on the human factor.

What Legal Action Have The Concerned Parties Taken?

Beverley Brakeman, the director of United Auto Workers (UAW) region 9A  while addressing the issues said that the wages offered to drives are insufficient for them to live a good life and they have no rights or protection of any while working.

She further said that because of these conditions we the UAW is pushing to pass a bill addressing these concerns in Connecticut just like elsewhere. Furthermore, we know that lyft and uber won’t sit still; they already have hired lobbyists who are doing an excellent job at discrediting the lyft and Uber drivers. So let’s wait and watch.

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