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MA Student Abida’s Murder Causes Uproar on Social Media

It appears that all those voices of resistance that echoed through social media users’ news feed during the Zainab murder case have gone futile. In a recent incident of brutality a 20 years old university student has become a victim of rape-murder. Abida from Jaranwala, who was a bright student of MA in Government College University, Faisalabad was abducted and brutally murdered. Post martam reports suggest that Abida’s murder was followed by rape.

Who is Responsible for Abida’s Murder?

According to media reports that Police refused to file an FIR on Abida’s abduction despite the continuous efforts of victim’s family. The girl was kidnapped when she was returning from university.  Later, her dead body was found in the canal in Dijkot. The family believes that Abida’s fate could have been averted if Police had taken the timely action.

Abida’s family also told media that their daughter who was a bright student had no enmity with anyone. The girl was a medalist and also earned Quaid e Azam Scholarship, along with qualifying for the CM Shahbaz Sharif’s laptop scheme.

Justice for Abida

Soon after the news broke about Abida’s murder there was an outrage on social media. Hashtag Justice for Abida started trending, just like Justice for Zainab raised outcry after 8-year-old innocent girl’s murder.

People called out to the system that labels women as a fragile creature and teaches them how to remain subservient in the male-dominated society.

And, people were advocating what should be done to avoid resurfacing of such issues.

What promotes the rape culture?

Abida’s family and protestors are demanding Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar to take notice of the incident.

CM Punjab has taken notice and ordered an inquiry into the incident, as it is the tradition in such cases.

Child Abuse Cases in Jaranwala

Recently, electronic media has also highlighted the child abuse cases in Jaranwala, the city of Abida. And, as usual, CM Punjab has constituted a committee that will investigate the matter. Sadly, so many cases of child abuse and women being raped get reported these days. They also get attention due to widespread coverage on social media. Very often these incidents shake the society to its core and make every person call upon the system which allows victimization of vulnerable segments of society. The case of Zainab is an example, how it made people talk about the issue and motivated showbiz celebrities share their painful child abuse memories.

But, the issue is that such a massive outrage in any of the cases doesn’t seem to be of any use. As every day we wake up to know about any other vicious incident that makes us question our very civic sense. And, an all that fury on Zainab’s murder couldn’t do enough to avoid Abida’s murder.

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