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Macron Trudeau Bromance Brewing Up

The G7 Summit started with the frequent meetings and gatherings, but Macron Trudeau bromance stole the show. The newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron spent a lot of time with the Canadian Prime Minister.

It was the first meeting between two leaders. But social media erupted with euphoria over this new Macron Trudeau bromance. The two leaders did not notice what people were saying about them. They just had their friendly conversation on political topics like climate change, job, and security situation.

Social Media and Macron Trudeau Bromance

Things became intense in this Macron Trudeau bromance when the two went away for a walk in the picturesque backdrop of the Italian countryside.

The French President gave the rumor miners more to talk about after sharing a video of the two leaders. The video showed the two leaders walking alongside with lush green plants in the background. They could be seen walking together discussing something in French.

Macron Trudeau Bromance Drew Comparisons

The users talked about the way the two looked at each other. There seemed to be an onscreen chemistry regardless of what the two leaders were discussing. The social media drew similarities that both the leaders are good-looking, young, and futuristic. Some Twitterati further added that this Macron Trudeau bromance reminded them of Trudeau’s relationship with Obama.

One user with the name of Tessa said that they both went to Sicily for their wedding shoot.

Another user with the name of Tara Mulholland stated that they are looking very romantic together.

Tara Mulholland also gave general advice to get a man who looks at you like they look at each other.

Tara Mulholland also said that the handshake between the two leaders looked very different.

One other user with the Twitter handle of @eleventhjoe stated that the world needs such leaders in Trump’s world.

Another Twitter user said that the two leaders are lawful good brothers.

@AttitudeMag stated that the people couldn’t handle the Macron Trudeau bromance.

Tweets Between the Macron Trudeau Bromance

Macron Trudeau Bromance Brewing UpIn of his tweets, Canadian Prime Minster talks about his first meeting with the French President.

The French President also shared a tweet on his meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister. He said that he along with Canadian PM shares common values to fight terrorism, climate change, & economic co-operation.

The two leaders meeting may have created a lot of social media hype. They evidently became the highlight of the G7 Summit. They did get the spotlight away from the rest of the Summit’s highlights.

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