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Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad Arrives in Pakistan on 3-Days Visit

The Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad has arrived in Pakistan for 3-days visit on the invitation of Priminister Imran Khan.  He will also be the guest of honor on 23rd March parade. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan personally received him from Nur Khan Airbase.

Upon his arrival to Pakistan Malaysian Prime Minister was given 21-gun salute.

Mahathir Mohammad’s Visit to Pakistan

It has not been so many weeks since Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan resulted in one of the biggest ever Saudi investment in Pakistan. Now, Malaysian PM’s visit to Pakistan is likely to see the signing of $900 million worth of MOUs. He was reportedly accompanied by the delegation including CEO’s of various automotive and telecommunication industries looking to invest in their counterpart industries in Pakistan.

The visit will see one to one meeting between both Priministers and delegation level talks. The visit will center on strengthening economic, trade, investment, and defense ties, for the mutual benefit of the peoples of the two countries.

The arrival of the Malaysian Priminister in Pakistan will surely cement the relations between the two brotherly countries who have always been there to support each other in their hour of need.

Pakistanis Reacting to Malaysian PM’s Visit

The Pakistanis are welcoming the visits of Mahathir Muhammad with open arms as they consider him a true leader from whom Pakistani leadership can learn a lot.

Many Pakistanis are happy at the fact that they won’t see constipated faces on the 23 march parade like they used to

The people of Pakistan are parsing PM Imran Khan for his excellent leadership and feel that Pakistan will truly prosper under his leadership just like Malaysia did under PM Mahathir.

A Bit About Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad

The physician turned politician started serving his country in 1931 and continued to serve till his retirement in 2003. He is considered a hero by the people of Malaysia as he helped the country come out of an economic slump.

He is credited for modernizing Malaysia and making it into the country it is today. He is the only politician to win 5 connective general elections with a majority votes while campaigning against other influential political leaders.

He has authored many books in which he addressed various problems being faced by Malaysia and other countries. After his retirement from politics, the Doctor continued to campaign for other issues in Malaysia until recent corruption scandals forced him to come back. 

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