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Mahesh Manjrekar Shares How He’s Worried About Salman Khan

In a recent interview with the media, Bollywood actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar got candid about the life of Salman Khan. He shared that he was worried about the superstar’s indecision to marry. Salman Khan’s marital status has been a huge topic of discussion in Bollywood for many years. The 55 years-old-actor has never been married and does not seem to change his mind anytime soon. Many have tried to talk him into doing it but failed. Mahesh has also been approaching the actor to say the same as a friend and a well-wisher.

Mahesh Manjrekar Feels Salman Khan is Lonely

Mahesh Manjrekar told the media that he had also been trying to convince Khan to find someone. The director claimed that he can talk to him about things that other people couldn’t talk about. Like he directly told Khan that he had an issue with him not getting married but always got brushed aside. He added that he always felt that Khan was lonely inside, which came off as shocking to the host, Siddharth Kannan.

The industry has always portrayed Khan as a huge glamourous figure so the host could not believe how he was lonely. Then Mahesh said that there was deep loneliness behind all of this façade and Khan’s smiling face. He claimed that the joyful exterior of Salman Khan was just for a show probably to hide that loneliness. Moreover, Mahesh has seen him just laying on a sofa whenever he visited his small flat in Mumbai. The director expressed his sadness over how such a successful person can live a dull life. Mahesh also revealed that Khan was not engaging in any hobby and felt that behind all the fame and money, Khan was just a typical-middle class person.

Mahesh Manjrekar added that Salman Khan has many great friends but at some point, they have to go back to their lives but who does Salman go to? The host highlighted the huge family and his brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan but Mahesh said that they have also their own life to attend to but Salman has no one to come back to. The director also expressed his wish to see Khan’s child someday.

The rumors about Salman Khan’s affairs with different co-stars have been circling on the internet for years but nothing ever materialized.

Upcoming Projects

Mahesh Manjrekar is working with Salman Khan on the upcoming Bollywood movie Antim: The Final Truth as a director. The audience will again see Salman as a cop in this movie. It is set to release on Nov 26 and tells the story of a conflict between a police officer and a gangster. It is an adaptation of a Marathi film Mulshi Pattern. Additional cast includes Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana, Pragya Jaiswal, and Varun Dhawan in a cameo appearance.

Khan’s recent movies including Race 3, Tiger 3, Dabangg 3, and Bharat have not been well received by the general public. Also, Radhe, which did not live up to expectations, received severe backlash on social media.

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