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Mahira Khan’s Cannes 2018 Red Carpet Debut Goes Controversial

Mahira Khan’s debut at Cannes 2018 red carpet is a talk of the town since weeks. Now, when she has finally walked the red carpet in the stunning black gown, the social media has got a new topic to discuss.

Mahira Khan at Cannes 2018 Red Carpet

Representing Pakistan at Cannes 2018 red carpet is indeed a moment of honor for the ever gorgeous Mahira Khan who enjoys the title of entertainment queen in the country. The actress’s red carpet debut at Cannes 2018 made headlines for many reasons.

Mahira’s Meet Up with Sonam Kapoor

And her meet up with Sonam Kapoor made for a cute story for the social media newsfeeds.

And, people lauded her making to such a big film festival in town.

While Mahira’s achievements have made her a role model for the entertainment industry, her actions often put her among the most controversial women of Pakistan. Even her achievement of making to the Cannes 2018 red carpet also became a subject of the heated debate.

What Was So Controversial About Mahira Khan’s Red Carpet Debut

The first kind of objection came from the Pakistani film actor Shan Shahid who is popular for his patriotic stance. A few days back when media was reporting about Mahira Khan’s upcoming Cannes 2018 red carpet debut, Shan Shahid reportedly said in a Facebook Post,

“An actor wears his work to a film festival. What film is she representing that is more important to me”.

An Objection to fashion show aspect of Cannes 2018

And, then came the Adnan Malik who criticized the Cannes film festival for being about films and not being about the fashion.

Well, that was not a real controversy out of Mahira Khan’s Cannes red carpet debut but it was Adnan Malik’s opinion which indeed held some weight. If we have a look at all those headlines about the days long Cannes film festival, we come to know that they are more about which celebrity looked more stunning and who wore what rather than a specific focus on the films.

No Camera Focussed on Mahira Khan

And, there are those making it controversial for Mahira Khan for not getting enough attention from photographers.

 Mahira’s fans came up with a robust reply to haters.

Was Mahira a first Pakistani to Walk on Cannes Red Carpet?

There was a reminder from another gorgeous Pakistani actress Armeena Khan on who was the first Pakistani actress to walk the red carpet. Well, Armeena’s Instagram post where she talked about her Cannes 2013 debut for representing her short film was not an aim to play down or belittle the Mahira Khan.

Apart from all those opinions aimed at creating a controversy out of Mahira Khan’s Cannes 2018 red carpet debut, one thing is sure that actress has really made it. And, her achievements are inspiring other Pakistani women to achieve big in whatever they are doing in their lives.

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