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Mahira Khan Talks About Stress After BNU Student’s Tragic Death

Pakistani social media is talking about the tragic death of a BNU student Roshan Farrukh who allegedly committed suicide, by falling from university building. According to reports, Roshan was taken to a local hospital but she succumbed to injuries and died.

While talking on this horrific incident, film actor Mahira Khan raised her voice for the need to spread awareness about mental health illness.

BNU Student’s Death and Mahira Khan’s Stance

Soon after the death of Roshan who was reportedly studying fine arts at Beacanhouse University Lahore and was in her fifth semester, people started sharing her social media posts.

One such post shows deceased in saffron Saree with a caption “Hey so if i kill myself anytime soon just remember me like this. Just in this saree, on a spring afternoon looking so happy, too happy. Jo bhi, give me saree puns.”

According to her social media posts, it is percieved so far that Roshan comitted suicide because she was suffering from depression.

Even Mahira Khan took to Twitter to express her condolences and talk about how crucial it was to spread awareness regarding mental health illness.

In another tweet she also highlighted how it was possible to tell if someone was suffering from depression and stress. She pointed towards the social media posts where a person was likely to reveal his/her feelings and give others hints about what was going through in their mind.

She said, “Maybe we can start by reading and understanding what someone suffering had to say before they left. Rest In Peace. RIP Rushaan Farrukh”

Depression as A Cause of Suicide

Depression and stress is something real and worth taking serious. In many cases it just proves a silent killer that turns the victim into a walking dead. Unfotunatly, in our society stress is never taken as a serious illness that can lead to death.

While people of every age are equally likely to fall a victim to depression, students and youngsters are its easy prey. Factors like different kinds of fears, uncertainty and existential crisis are the major reasons for depression among students. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the tradition of maintaining student counseling bodies that help students solve the issues that they face at campuses is not strong.

A Need to Stop Mocking the Victims

Even outside the campuses there is no culture of taking someone’s problems seriously. Anyone daring to talk about what they are going through are labelled as attentions seekers or losers. We need to know that an individual can be emotionally strong, can have a potential to do something better for the society but they can still fall a prey to depression for several reasons. And, if we see such people we should better help them with this instead of mocking them for what they are going through.

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