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From Adnan Sami to Major Adnan Sami- What is Reality?

Major Adnan Sami Khan, not really a major, is one of the most recognized names of B-town who is known for his remarkable music compositions that rock people hearts. Pakistani origin singer and world famous pianoist who is now Indian citizen is being criticized by Pakistanis for trolling their country

How Did Adnan Sami Become Major Adnan Sami

About two weeks back the IAF claimed to conduct a second surgical strike that allegedly killed 300 hundred Jaish member in a camp located in Balakot, KPK region of Pakistan. Adnan like many other proud Indians took to the social media to express his gratitude and love for what the IAF had achieved as per their claims.

Since then the b-town celebrity is under fire by Pakistanis who troll Adnan Sami Khan by alleging him the best ISI spy ever. Just like Trevor Noah Adnan miscalculated the power of his tweet regarding the indo-pak escalation

Pakistani troll was so on point. Tweets just declared him their hero.

Giving Him Due Credit

Some Pakistanis are commending him for the smart way he relayed information to Pakistan about how many IAF fighters will cross the LOC. They were just making sure that he gets credit of every single benefit Pakistan gets.

He is even being held responsible for giving Pakistani navy a heads up for recent alleged violation by Indian navy.This Trolling Doesnโ€™t Seem to End Any Soon

Many are requesting to stop and put an end to this promotional praise as this could get Major Adnan Sami killed or make him a potential target

Recently, documents regarding Rafael deal that exposed Modi’s corruption just got stolen from a government building. But Pakistanis have seen this just as another opportunity to troll their major Adnan Sami Khan.

While replying to the Pakistanis, the Indian musician very humorously saying he is an Lt.General and requested to put an end to all this nonsense now that his so-called cover is blown

Adnan Sami’s Response to the Situation

He further clarified he too is in favor of peace just like Indo-Pak people. He said is intentions were not to hurt anyone. His purpose was merely to support the IAF on successfully attacking terrorist, and his tweet has been miss represented

And Adnan Sami gave a clarification of entire matter.

How this will turn out is hard to say but for the sake of peace let hope this ends on a positive note. Meanwhile, the trolling is really worth laughing out loud. Like, how can they do it.

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