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How to Make An Animated Cartoon

Making animated cartoon is an excellent way of putting thoughts into the action. Thanks to the availability of online soft wares that making an animation out of well-thought story has not remained a tricky task anymore.

Beginners who have no idea about the working of animated video stories can take help from the following guide.

Making Animated Cartoon

Following are the steps an animator should follow to build a story performance by cartoons.

Thinking of a Story Plot

An essential prerequisite of making animated cartoon is to have a brilliant idea to start. As a beginning, this idea can be limited to a single story. Or, it can target a select group of audience. If you are a novice animator, then make sure to keep your story simple. You can also take inspiration from the famous still animations, like Jack O Lantern Clipart.  Try to avoid things like complex and intricate scenes of war, action sequences and fighting. Think about a story which involves few characters and few scenes. For non-specialists, it is better to practice the still animation or those that require little to no motion.

Make a Story Board

You will know that process of making an animated cartoon is somehow similar to making a video. You require a story and a storyboard to make to design the sequences. After you are clear about the story and the story plot, go ahead with a storyboard. Make sure to draw every scene and series in a way you posturize your final animation. To make sure the drawing of storyboard scenes is not an exhaustive process for you, try to not go for perfection.

Try to make two different drawings to come-up with more suitable one.

Put Your Drawings into an Animation Software

There are myriad of smartphone apps and software that help in making an animated cartoon on tap of the finger. One just needs to look at the storyboard, enter the sequences there and pre-visualize the film before finalizing it.

Below is the list of software that you can use for making creative animations.

  1. GoAnimate
  2. Animasher
  3. Voki
  4. Devolver
  5. Xtranormal
  6. Zimmer Twins

Add the Sound Effects

A better approach for beginners is to use the very little script in the beginning. For voice over, they will need a voice actor who will speak the said-lines. Once the animated movie is final, add the sound effects and voice-over, but make sure that there is no echo in the room or background noise during the recording session. It is better to use a good quality microphone that takes care of the sounds.

You can use some freely available sound effects or create them artificially. For example, the sound of clapping is often used as a sound effect of the slap.

(Credit – Bloop Animation)

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