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How to Make Homemade Pizza Dough?

The homemade pizza dough gives you the freedom to mix the different elements. Make the perfect homemade pizza dough to get the taste you love. Make pizza dough recipe the way you like.

Steps Involved in Homemade Pizza Dough Making

Here are the steps involved in making homemade pizza dough.

Step 1:

Get the yeast that you need to make the dough. Dissolve the yeast in one cup of water in a small bowl. Now, let the yeast soak in water for five minutes. Now, combine one and a quarter cup of cold water as well as other ingredients including sugar, oil, and salt.

Step 2:

Add up to 9 ounces of flour with dry cups while combining it with cold water, yeast mixture, and flour. Now mix all the elements with 19 ounces of the flour. Make sure to slowly mix it with each tablespoon so that it does not stick to your hand.

Step 3:

Now you need to divide the dough into two halves and place each portion into a zip-top bag. Once in the bags, leave the dough overnight in the fridge to chill while sealing it. Get it out in the morning and keep it at room temperature for an hour before use.

Step 4:

Now the dough has frozen, you can keep it in different plastic bags to use in various places. This simple pizza dough recipe will give you a lot to play.

How to Make Pizza Sauce?

A homemade pizza needs sauce as well. Follow this simple homemade pizza sauce recipe to add taste and spice.

You cannot easily go wrong with the use of tomato sauce for making homemade pizza. The easiest DIY project to do is the tomato sauce using different tasty ingredients including balsamic vinegar, garlic, canned tomatoes, and olive oil.

A quick blender mix or food processor will do the job for you. Once you mix all the ingredients, this mixture can be used for all your future projects.

Why Use Canned Tomatoes for Homemade Pizza Sauce?

The canned tomatoes are just excellent for making a pizza in your home. However, you can also use diced or whole tomatoes too. Try to avoid using any herbs or spices as they will affect the original taste of the tomatoes. The paste of the tomatoes, whether freshly made or used from canned, can make for great taste. However, canned tomatoes preserve taste for long, and if you do not have access to fresh tomatoes, they can make your pizza sauce a lot tastier.

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