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How to Make Virtual Reality Goggles?

When you want to make virtual reality goggles, you need to follow certain steps. Yes, you can make virtual reality goggles by yourself. The VR gear or 3D VR glasses will get you into the game of virtual reality.

Requirements for Virtual Reality Goggles

How To Make A VR HeadsetNow, before we go into the making of a VR headset, you need to understand the basic needs. The virtual reality goggles DIY project needs to have the following.

  • You must download and have Google’s cardboard design template.
  • Also, Google recommends the following phones which it feels work best with the virtual reality goggles. The smartphone models compatible with the VR headset include Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Next 4 and 5, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
  • To make yourself sturdily constructed pair of VR headset, you require a corrugated cardboard sheet. You can also use household items like an empty pizza cardboard box.

Steps to Make A VR Headset

Follow the given below steps for making VR gear.

Step 1

Cut the design as per the downloaded template using a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Stick light number pieces onto the dark numbers. Now, you need to stick files on your cardboard.

Step 3

Use a box cutter to cut design files. Make sure to following the black line while cutting the box.

Step 4

Start by folding the furthest flap over the piece to the left and glue it. Now, your VR headset is ready for the magnets.

Once you have folded along the black line, now you need to follow along with the red line as per the design template instructions.

Step 5

Place the lenses into the newly created slots and glue the eyepieces in it.

Step 6

Connect the ceramic magnets and place the ring magnets behind it.

Step 7

It is time to put the eyepieces on the cardboard within the slots near your nose opening. Now, you need to fold the cardboard from the right attach grooves in eyepieces. Fold the last flap as well and connect the little divider to the front of the eyepieces.

Step 8

Make sure you connect Velcro to the left and right of the top flap. You can also use a rubber band if you fear your phone may fall out of the cardboard VR gear.

Step 9

Your DIY VR headset will not work if you do not have the free Google Cardboard app installed on your Android smartphone. So, make sure you download and install it.

Best Cheap VR Headset

However, if you think the above process is too much of a hassle, do yourself a favor, and get a cheap VR headset. You can get Samsung VR headset for $41.88 from Amazon. Besides Samsung VR headset, you can look towards other options as well. Samsung offers one of the best cheap VR gears in the market.

The Samsung VR gear is lightweight. You can use it’s easy to handle touchpad. The use of precise head-tracking and low latency gets you closer to the virtual reality. There are thousands of 360-degree photos you can view. Also, people who wear glasses would find it easy to fit onto their face. The added padding makes the Samsung VR gear more comfortable to wear.

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