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Indian Reactions to Malala’s Tweet Expose Their Hypocrisy

Indians always supported Malala whenever she spoke against terrorism in Pakistan. It seems that their support for the peaceful and progressive society is only selective because they don’t like the idea of someone criticizing sheer human rights violation in their country.  All hell broke loose when she showed her concern about the women and children in Kashmir who are prone to suffer and face violence.

Malala’s Solidarity with Kashmir and Hypocrisy of Indian People

Indians have been swinging at her ever since she spoke about the Kashmir issue. It is natural that India accuses Pakistan of all the terrorist incidents that happen in its country even if they are a result of the government’s injustices to its people. It seems that they have forgotten how this Noble Peace Prize winner who showed her solidarity with Kashmir is one who received a bullet in the head for standing up to the terrorists.

Accusing Her of Double Standards Only Because She Showed Her Concern for Kashmiri People

Now when Malala is showing her solidarity with people of Kashmir after BJP Government curbed their right of self-determination, Indians are highlighting selective human right abuses in Pakistan just to sweep under the rug what they have done to the innocent Kashmiris.

Malala’s comments seem to have screwed Indians badly. Or they just don’t seem to face the reality with open eyes and now they are targeting this girl whom the world knows for standing up for human rights.

The young Noble peace prize winner commented on Kashmir conflict after Indian government unconstitutionally revoked article 370 that allowed semi-autonomous status to the state.

Only Pakistani to Get Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai is a child activist of Pakistan who came to fame after she started campaigning for the rights of girls’ education when insurgency was at its peak in the region. The Taliban shot her to make an example of her.

Despite such a reaction from extremists she continued advocating for the girls’ right to education and fought the battle against extremists.

For her courage, bravery and sheer determination, she has been awarded the noble prize. She is the only Pakistani female to have won this prestigious award that too in such a young age.

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