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Finally, Malala Visits Her Family Home in Swat

Malala Yousafzai, the world’s youngest Nobel laureate is finally back to her home in Swat. 20 years old Malala visits her family home in Swat after 6 years. She posted a picture of her being in her home, on Twitter.

Malala Visits Her Family Home In Swat

Malala who became emotional during her speech in PM house, for finally coming back to Pakistan, has visited her family home in Swat. She also shared the picture where she posed with her family in her house.

Malala came to Mingora, via special helicopter amidst tight security. She visited an all-boys school in town and spoke to the students.

While addressing the students she said, “My dream has come true. Peace has returned to Swat because of invaluable sacrifices rendered by my brothers and sisters,” reported BBC.

Her Comeback to Pakistan

Pakistani gave a warm welcome to Malala Yousafzai when she came back to the country on Thursday, March 29. But the overall the reaction of the public showed the nation is still divided on whether they should endorse Malala or not. The girl who was shot in the head by extremists for raising her voice against them through her writings continues to remain a controversial figure. Now, when Malala visits her family home it should be deemed as a success that beautiful valley in no more besieged by the terrorists.

There is no doubt that through the expression of bravery and courage at a young age, Malala has set an example for the world’s youth. But, the fact that her courage and bravery is being endorsed by the west is making certain segments in Pakistan to believe that she is no more than a puppet in western hands.

I Am Not Malala Day

Reports suggest that on Friday few private schools in Pakistan celebrated I Am Not Malala Day. Well.

It seems that private schools celebrated this day as a protest to anti-Pakistani material in her book.

When BBC asked from Malala what does she feel about such a protest on behalf of few schools, she told that she didn’t even look at these comments, the only thing she would say is that she loved Pakistan and wanted a better future for her country.

Now, when Malala visits her family home in Swat after 6 years, she was attacked by Taliban her arrival is a good omen. It indicates that Pakistan is somehow free from the clutches of terrorism and there is a brighter future to look forward.

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