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Man in Karachi Lies Down on Road after Traffic Police Lifts His Bike

In Saddar, Karachi, traffic police lifted a man’s bike because he allegedly parked it wrong. The man created a lot of fuss and hustle in order to get his bike back. When the traffic police denied his request, he lied on the ground and asked the police to run him over with their car or give him back his motorbike.

He yelled ‘Utaro Gari, Yahin Laita Rahunga’ when traffic police lifted the bike

Breaking rules and laws in Karachi is supposedly one of the hobbies of the citizens. One of the very common habits of people is parking their vehicles in the no-parking zone. A similar case took place in Saddar, Karachi when a stubborn man allegedly parked his motorbike in the no-parking area. The police lifted the vehicle and demanded fine of RS 200. He refused to pay and lied down on the road in front of police’s car. Funny as it sounds, the man yelled “Utaro Gari, Yahin Laita Rahunga”. He put quite a show out there by blocking all the traffic.  

Finally, they gave him what he wanted

Witnessing this, the crowd repeatedly asked him to get up and pay the fine but he neglected them. He practically gave tough time to traffic police that lifted his bike. Soon the drama was over when someone from the pubic presumably convinced him and probably paid fine on his behalf too. The man silently got up, took his bike and left peacefully.

Solutions to avoid such situations

The population of Karachi is much bothered with traffic police lifting their vehicles. People usually get into fights and arguments with the police. Some are frustrated, tired and do not have the energy to strive go on search hunts for their cars and motorbikes. Karachi is a big city with a great population. There are several places in Karachi where people are unable to find right spots and end up parking at the wrong place. The traffic police is also liable to fulfil their duties otherwise; citizens will not follow the law. Therefore, they have to take actions in order to maintain the discipline. However, instead of lifting vehicles, the government should implement the online fine system. This way, either people will avoid parking in no-parking zones or they will pay the fine without facing that much of trouble.  

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