Friday, December 8, 2023
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After Obama Indian PM Modi to Appear in Man vs. Wild

The Indian PM Modi will appear in the hit TV survival guidMan vs. Wild. The episode featuring him will air on 12 August to arrive. After Obama, he will be the second head of state to appear on the survival guide series hosted by Bair Grills. The news is making Indians lose their mind.

What Is Man vs. Wild All About?

Man vs. Wild is one of Discovery’s most entertaining and top-rated TV series. Edward Michael Grylls aka Bear Grylls who is is a former British army survival instructor and Ex-SAS serviceman hosts the show. In light of his service and achievements, he has been made an honorary lieutenant colonel.

The adventurer, the writer, and TV presenter, Grylls, educates the masses on how to survive in the wild. In his famous survival series, he often ventures into some of the most inhospitable terrains known to man and shows people how to navigate their way back to civilization.

Other than heads of states the EX-SAS service member has also ventured in the wild with some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Dom Joly. Prime Minister Narinder Modi will be the second head of state to appear on the show.

Indians Can’t-Wait To Watch the Episode

Indians are excited to see their prime minister appear one the world’s most hit TV show. They are eagerly waiting for the episode to air.

A state head needs to have a good strategy, and communications team as this will allow him to maintain and form a good public image. This benefits the country as well as  mayl lure in more foreign investment.  PM Modi’s appearance in the TV show will also help it get the attention of Indian masses and make it popular outside the United States

Be Careful

In the show Bear has been seen doing some of the most disgusting things imaginable i.e., like eat raw insets or drink water from elephant shit. Therefore some Indians are advising the Prime minister of India to be careful with he’s handed.

What the Bear has done in the show is not more disgusting than the unfortunate incidents of mob lynching happening in India. Modi’s second term as the PM of India has made minorities more fearful. We hope that Indian Prime Minister realizes how the people in the world’s biggest democracy are experiencing oppression and cruelty; something which is a characteristic of the wild and not the civilized world.

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