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Manchester United Still Believes that Jose Mourinho Will Turn Its Fate

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is the talk of the town after he stormed out at media following club’s 3-0 defeat to Tottenham in Premier League. Loss of three Premier League games by Manchester United gave rise to speculations that club will sack Mourinho who is going nowhere according to the latest media reports. The club is still backing Mourinho and showing its belief in him.

Jose Mourinho’s Meltdown After Manchester United Defeat

Manchester United has lost it’s two of the three opening games of Premier League for the first time, since 1992-1993. The club won its first game against Leicester City and lost the second game against Brighton. Mourinho seemed strong even after Manchester United defeat from Tottenham at Old Trafford and also remained on the pitch to applaud the fans. But he lost it during his press conference.

While talking to media Jose Mourinho raised three fingers and said, “Do you know what it means? It means 3-0, but it also means three Premier League”. To highlight his past achievements and shut down the critics, Mourinho further said, “I won more Premier Leagues alone than other 19 managers put together. He then said “Respect, Respect, Respect, man!.

Jose Mourinho’s response was much entertaining, and it made him talk of the town on Twitter.

Opponents were also pointing out that Mourinho losing his cool was a sign of his weakness.

Mourinho Still Enjoys Backing from Manchester United

Soon after the defeat of Manchester United at the hands of Tottenham, a clip from the stands that showed a colleague of club’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward saying him something went viral. According to viewers, Ed Woodward was told to sack Mourinho.

So, this was the video that raised the suspicion about Manchester United sacking Jose Mourinho.


But according to media reports, Ed Woodward has told Mourinho that club still believes him to be the man who can turn the fortunes.

Apart from the club and its owners Jose Mourinho also enjoys support from many footballers.

Will Zinedine Zidane be Next Manchester United Boss

Earlier, there were rumors that Zinedine Zidane will be the new Manchester United boss after club sacks Mourinho.

Zidane who led Real Madrid to three Champions League titles as a head coach had stepped down from his post in May. Both Zidane and Mourinho are the strong football coaches, and it would be too early to say who will lead Manchester United in future as the club has reportedly shown its backing for Mourinho.

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