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March 2019 Deadline for EU-UK Freedom of Movement

The time limit for EU-UK Freedom of Movement will reach by March 2019. It is the time when the UK and the European Union will have to come up with a new immigration system. Brandon Lewis made the revelation, the Immigration Minister while speaking to a government commissioned detailed assessment.

Permit System After End of EU-UK Freedom of Movement

There were assurances of no hard Brexit earlier. However, things seem to be taking an altogether different turn. The Home Secretary wrote in Financial Times that the country would keep considering bright talent from around the globe. It means that Britain may be considering permit system after the end of the EU-UK Freedom of Movement.

Businesses are already facing uncertainty in the face of Brexit negotiations. The recent example of BMW setting a plant in Netherlands for Electric Mini shows the risk averseness of businesses. Companies want to know what the EU migration will look during and after the Brexit negotiations.

Ministers are assuring that they would listen to and resolve concerns of businesses over Brexit. The ministers are also vowing to take back control of the British borders. The government ministers also promise an implementation or transitional period to reduce the impact of the exit. Government officials say that EU-UK Freedom of Movement would not end during the interim period. However, the recent announcement already adds to uncertainty linked to Britain’s exit from the EU.

Effect on Different Sectors

The Home Office wants the Advisory Committee to take into consideration impact of no free movement on different regions. It will include an analysis of the areas that mostly rely on EU immigrants. The Advisory Committee is asked to look into the role that seasonal and temporary workers play.

Implementation & Impact of New Immigration System for EU Immigrants

March 2019 Deadline for EU-UK Freedom of MovementThe Migration Advisory Committee will carefully analyze social & economic costs of EU migration to Great Britain. It will take into consideration country’s competitiveness and if it would be advantageous. The Advisory Committee will carefully consider impacts of an end to EU-UK Freedom of Movement on skilled labor.

The Home Secretary said that he believes the new EU immigration system to the UK will give the country more control. He stated that it would let the country decide the number of people to enter the country. Furthermore, it will allow Britain to implement its own rules, giving public confidence of being in charge.

Industries Impacted by End to EU-UK Freedom of Movement

The EU immigrants significantly contribute to the British economy. The end of EU-UK Freedom of Movement will have severe implications for mining, agriculture, and food production.

Around 30 percent of all the labor in the food industry belongs to the EU. Therefore, this sector will get a massive hit if the free movement ends.

One in four domestic personnel providing services like caring and housekeeping come from Europe. Similarly, accommodation sector comprises of 20% of the EU immigrants, including tourist destinations and hotels.

Sectors heavily reliant upon EU immigrants will have to come up with an alternate. They will have to find ways to fill the labor gap created due to the change in immigration policies.

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