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Maria B Gets Slammed After Husband Arrested in Coronavirus Case

Pakistani fashion designer Maria B is trending on Twitter amidst coronavirus chaos for some controversial reasons. Her husband Tahir Saeed was arrested after Police reportedy found that he sent his cook home for being tested positive for coronavirus. Later the designer recorded a video in which she criticized authorities for arresting her husband in middle of the night without any reason.

In her video she said “this is an appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan. Last night my husband was raided by police as if he was biggest drug mafia don in Lahore, took away my husband and they told him that they had an FIR on him. They arrested him and didn’t even let a lawyer come. It was 12:30 at night, they did this in middle of night. Why? They kept saying us to me that you are culprit. why? we were the ones who were suffering. we were the ones whose tests were coming any time positive….”

What Followed Maria B’s Video

As per the latest media report Maria’s husband is out on bail, but she has recieved huge criticism on social media for denying her responsibility and sending her cook back to his village.

Folks on social media are arguing that it was highly unethical of Maria b and her family to not quarantine the patient and to send him off, since he might have infected the people he came in contact during journey.

One of the preventive measures of coronavirus is to put patient in self-isolation and ensure social distancing, which seems impossible if an infected person is allowed to travel.

People are apparently, unable to understand the point of playing victim when it was the family that sent cook back to his village despite knowing that he tested positive.

Critics think that Maria B’s rant was nothing more than an elite class privilige which will ultimately help her husband out.

Twitter users are commenting that Maria B should also have been arrested for allegedly committing such thing that could have jeopardized the health of so many people.

Boycott Maria B

As if this criticism is not enough some users are going as far to call Boycott Maria B.

She is being slammed for not realizing her mistake.

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