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Hilarious Memes from US Woman and Pakistani Guy’s Marriage

Evaluating public’s view of an event in the modern time has not remained difficult anymore. All you need to do is to look at social media and a whole world of perceptions plus entertainment opens to you in the form of memes. The same is case with the marriage of 41 years old US woman Maria with 21 years old Kashif from Sialkot. The news of the couple’s wedding went viral for some obvious reasons.

Social media brigade didn’t let the opportunity go and came up with some funny memes that also depicted opinions on this cross cultural marriage.

Memes on Maria and Kashif Wedding

Amidst all that hype about Deepika Ranveer wedding Maria and Kashif’s event managed to make news. People were pointing out how Kashif managed to distract public’s attention from Bollywood couple’s big day.

And, there were some mischievous reactions too. Well, this is the story of every newly married couple in Desi families.

Expressions of the Groom

In Maria and Kashif’s viral interview the guy expressed that he was so happy to marry Maria. But his body language and facial expressions were quite contradictory. And, social media brigade came up with some possible reasons behind Kashif’s apparent worrisome.


Few were sane enough to wish them a blessed life ahead.

Now when one cross cultural marriage is going viral, people are expecting more such things in future. Some memes also described how Pakistanis will keep an eye on anyone who will get an American or some foreigner to marry.


Age is Just a Number

In Pakistani society age is not merely a number. Marrying a woman who is ten to twenty years elder is not so mainstream. Even when the news about Kashif marrying an American woman broke out, the age difference between couple became one of the most talked about things. In an interview with a tabloid Kashif told that love is nothing before age.

And, there were memes that focused upon how it was almost impossible to marry a Pakistani with the same age difference.

Apart from these memes folks were sane enough to refer to example of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas that serve another example of cross cultural marriage that too with an age difference.

More Cross Cultural Marriages

Kashif and Maria’s marriage is a consequence of social media facilitated globalization. Such cross cultural weddings may seem interesting enough to make a news but they are more likely to become a norm if the rising wave of identity politics doesn’t prove too dominating.

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