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Marilyn Monroe- A Sex Symbol Or An Inspiration?

Marilyn Monroe famous Hollywood actress and fashion icon of the twentieth century was well known to the world as a sex symbol. But an analysis of her quotes on life, success, career, and personal grooming depicts that the actress was a perfect icon for “I don’t give a damn,” attitude. The way she embraced her recognition as a sex symbol was fantastic. Monroe’s sayings about the role of genders in relationships and fantasies of women seem valid even in the modern times.

She also voiced the emotions and feelings of her gender and raised the voice for women empowerment in a distinct manner.

Let’s have a look at Marilyn Monroe’s perspective of life in light of her quotations.

Marilyn Monroe on Sexual Relationship

It is a fact that sex has always remained a taboo subject. But Marilyn Monroe who earned the reputation of being a sex symbol never hesitated to narrate her perspective boldly. She defended being in a sexual relationship by labeling it a natural act, which is something more than accurate.

She admitted the fact of being known as a sex symbol, but she never embraced the objectification that came with it. Monroe always favored the importance of treating a person as a human being rather than an item or a showpiece. As she once said, “I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved, for myself and my talent.”

Marilyn MonroeMonroe’s Take on Career

In Marilyn Monroe’s philosophy career never took a back seat. The actress witnessed some setbacks, but it was quite reasonable for any human being. Well, her quotes on personal development, career and pursuing the dreams are much inspirational. Below quotes of Monroe, might not seem to relate directly to the career. But, indirectly they offer sufficient insight into the value of the person, significance of exploring the potential, not necessarily following the rules and importance of being well-disciplined.

Marilyn MonroeOn Success and Being Happy

Marilyn Monroe has also said a lot about success, satisfaction, happiness and fame. It seems that actress never achieved all these things except glory. Her quotes show that comfort and pleasure were the two things that she wished to attain in her life. No doubts that Marilyn Monroe’s net worth was in millions of dollars when she died. She was a famous international celebrity even in the 60s era. Despite such a massive recognition, she struggled to carve out her identity that was different from what world perceived.

In one of her quotes Monroe says, “What good is it being Marilyn Monroe? Why can’t just be an ordinary woman?”

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe had beautiful things to say about life. And these sayings show that she was not only a sex symbol but also an inspiration who followed a clear philosophy in life.

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