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Marine Le Pen Temporarily Leaves Party Leadership

Marine Le Pen, leaves her position as head of National Front. Political analysts say that she wants to dissociate herself from a typical image of her party to attract larger voter base.

The Decision by Marine Le Pen

The Front National Leader Marine Le Pen said she would quit her role to concentrate all her energies on the upcoming French Elections.

The competition intensified with two candidates reaching the second round of the French Elections 2017.

Here is how she disassociated herself from the National Front.

“I am no longer the president of the National Front. and now the presidential candidate. I will feel freer, and above partisan considerations.”

Emmanuel Macron Edging Over Le Pen

Marine Le Pen Temporarily Leaves Party LeadershipThe other candidate secured just enough votes to make Marine Le Pen nervous. Emmanuel Macron got 23.9 percent votes, and Marine Le Pen obtained 21.4 percent votes to come in a very close second.

Hence, the National Front possesses a right-wing image. As  result, Marine Le Pen knows that if she wants to win the elections, she needs support from the left and the right. She worked hard to improve her party’s image, moving from a political entity representing racism and anti-Semitism.

Marine Le Pen to Fight Her Father’s Negative Legacy

Voters associate Marine Le Pen’s party with her father as a convicted racist and denied Holocaust. He founded Front National back in 1972. She has officially kicked out his father from the party. However, he remains President of the party. Therefore, she consequently felt the need to distance herself from the party, hence becoming more open to other opinions.

In the past, General Charles deGaulle disassociated himself from his party to become the President of the entire France. Miss Marine Le Pen is following in her footsteps. General Charles deGaulle is considered as the most famous French President ever.

Emmanuel Macron Victim of Cyber Attack

Emmanuel Macron is also facing his own struggles in the French Election. Hackers attacked the Presidential candidate for French Elections in the recent weeks.

Furthermore, a Tokyo-based cyber security firm Trend Micro said that it had noticed four similar looking domains to one used by Emmanuel Macron for a political campaign. The cyber attack aimed trick voters to surrender their email addresses.

Tthe political Campaign Manager of Emmanuel Macron confirmed attempts of hacking, saying.

“These are usual cyber attack tactics. We have set up a security team, and every member of the staff is trained to report these attempts.”

Seems like, the competition is intensifying between the top candidates in the French Elections. So, the next round of French Elections will start on 7th May, 2017.

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