Mark Zuckerberg Emotional Speech at Harvard


The reason for Mark Zuckerberg emotional speech is his journey at Harvard. He shared the video of the day he got admitted to Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg went to Philips Exeter Academy before going to Harvard. He was a brilliant student during his junior years. He also won prizes in different subjects including mathematics, classical studies, and astronomy.

Philips Exeter Academy is considered one of the finest schools in the US. After studying at Philips Exeter Academy he applied for Harvard. He got accepted at Harvard in 2002 and remained in Harvard till 2004. Later, he dropped out of it to work on his new project Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Emotional Speech – A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Mark Zuckerberg Emotional Speech at HarvardMark Zuckerberg did look back at his getting into Harvard. He said that getting into Harvard was the proudest moment for his mom. He also remembered asking his now-wife Dr. Priscilla Chan to go out with him. His wife was in the audience who became teary-eyed.

His talk mainly revolved around the purpose. He said that young people must focus on the purpose and it will become even more important. He was fearful of loss of jobs because of automation.

The Student Behind Mark Zuckerberg Emotional Speech

If you are wondering who that student was, Mark Zuckerberg did not include that student’s name in his speech. He was all praise for a student who remained confident despite facing adversity.

The founder of Facebook further added that the young man was not just thinking about himself. He was also thinking driven by a greater sense of purpose. Then he reiterated that he and others like him owe the world more significant part to play.

He further said that is not just important to find your purpose. He told the audience that they must create the world where others can find their purpose.

He did talk about his early struggles. He was indecisive when someone approached him to buy Facebook. Even his advisers and investors were adamant that he should sell the company.

Ideas on Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income is an idea already discussed by many. Mark Zuckerberg said that he wants that everyone should get a base salary regardless the amount of work they do. He stressed that universal basic pay would help people fulfill basic needs. Consequently, they would be able to afford healthcare and childcare.

Mark Zuckerberg did not indicate increasing the percentage of corporate taxes. However, he did ask the audience to invest in his wife’s initiative promoting equality.

It was 12 years ago when Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to create Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is among famous Harvard dropouts like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.