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Maroon 5 Just Ended Up boring The Crowd at Super Bowl Halftime

The super bowl is America’s Olympics, and a chance to perform in the Olympics is nothing more than a dream come true. That dream come true for Maroon 5 who were thrilled to play there and entertain even more excited fans. But, it seems that anticipated excitement and fun was merely delusional.

Leave an Impression like No Other Maroon 5  

For a band that has not a single top 20 hit in decades to be asked to play in the super bowl was nothing less than career-reviving chance. The group along with singers Big Boi and Travis Scott performed at the super bowl half time.

Many say that the band failed to meet their expectation. The NFL fans felt unlike previous performers like Beyoncé, or Cardie Bee who set the stage on fire with their performance. Maroon 5 just proved annoying and a waste of time.

The band gave a totally flat 20 minutes performance with leads singer notably shirking and losing breath quickly. Adam Levine tried his best to cover his weaknesses by charming his way out, but miserably failed

The performances of Big Boi and Travis Scott were too short and were much better than the band. Unlike Adam, they sang instead of jumping around and trying to pass the time.

Performers like Rihanna refused to perform in support of Colin Kaepernick and other N.F.L players,Who in 2016 started taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against the mistreatment of black people in the country.

Since then Colin has been perusing a lawsuit against the NFL and team Coach whom he feels benched him on purpose to keep him from not playing.

How Fans Reacted to This Performance?

Already facing heat for performing at the super bowl after the Colin Kaepernick controversy Maroon 5 is facing even more heat. Fans feel they have been duped and played with.

Folks Thought It to be the Worst Ever Performance by Band

According to some poles, this NFL half time show was the worst ever, and many are asking why maroon 5 was invited to perform

People are recalling previous performances made by other artist and are urging the band should learn from then


There is no telling what effect this fiasco may have on the carriers of the band 

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