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Marxism and the Philosophy Which Drives It

Marxism is a socio-economic system which comes out of the theory of Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. Although, there is no simple way of explaining the whole concept. However, in simple words, we can say that it looks into a class struggle.

Marxism and Class Struggle

So how Marxist Theory relates to class struggle. The argument revolves around the entire concept of class, relating it to the social change within the Western societies. Some also term this concept as the antithesis of the teachings of capitalism.

Why is Marxism Against Capitalism?

Karl Marx was of the view that the capitalism would eventually stop from spreading further. Furthermore, he said that in future the concept of capitalism would be marred with contradictions. Also, he was of the view that unlike the traditional view, capitalism was a necessary step for the man to progress in life.

How Marxist Theory Looks at Capitalism?

The Marxists do not hate the capitalism. Instead, in Marxism, capitalism is much deeper than that, social as well as economic relations. However, they do not recognize capitalism in modern manifestation. Instead, they believe that private ownership of means of production of goods comes at the expense of the labor.

Major Criticism Against Marxists

The idea of materialism mainly drives marxism. The theory states that as the modern means of production are changing to the change in technology; it is also impacting the social relations. Furthermore, it impacts several of the human values including politics, culture, and religion. Karl Marx looks into and defines the different human values into a superstructure. This superstructure, as he argues, becomes society’s economic base.

Marxism and the Philosophy Which Drives It

Critics claim that in his argument, Karl Marx tries to simplify things by putting them into the superstructure. Furthermore, they argue that many other aspects of the society should come into this superstructure are missing in his argument.

Critics Point to Flawed Interpretation of Marxism

The critics believe that Karl Marx uses an erroneous understanding of the influences that superstructures have. Furthermore, the redistribution of property as argued in Marxism is coercion upon the society. Therefore, as many economists believe, this approach would erode the fundamental human rights of the citizens of a community.

Even if socialism tries to progress, there are opinions against it arguing it would lead to an authoritarian rule. Lastly, Karl Marx only focuses on the efforts of the labor. Economists believe the fruits that a society bear also include the efforts of the entrepreneur, subordinate managers and the amount of investment into a business venture.

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