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Mathira Criticizes Faisal Quraishi for his Views about Working Women

Pakistani-Zimbabwean model Mathira clapped back at Faisal Quraishi for saying that women’s careers suffer because of marriage. In a recent interview, Quraishi talked about his observations regarding working with various women actors in the Pakistani drama industry. He said he found it challenging to work with married women with kids and preferred to work with young and unmarried women. The model was disappointed by such views and argued how Quraishi’s statement was problematic.

Mathira Says it’s Sad to Hear a Statement Like this

Mathira shared an Instagram story where she criticized Faisal’s statement and questioned why women were not given enough credit. She said that working women deserve to get an appreciation for multitasking rather than getting scrutinized every time. The model asked why society made it seem like her career suffered after marriage. It usually happens due to the predetermined notion that women who have domestic responsibilities cannot focus on jobs.

It was sad for Mathira because women handling two lives at once was a sign of strength. They go through unspeakable hurdles to keep personal and work-life balance. So, saying that they were not focused on their careers was disheartening and unacceptable for the model.

Faisal Quraishi Explains How Women are Tied up in Domestic Responsibilities

In a recent interview with the media, Faisal talked about how the women actors he worked in the start did not appear with him anymore, as he was typically seen working with younger women. He said those women have become busy with domestic responsibilities, which became an issue for him. The actor thought it was difficult for women to continue their careers in acting after getting married and taking care of kids.

Then he proceeded to name the actresses he worked with previously and stopped after they got married. He said that Sunita Marshall always remained worried about her kids. Shaista Lodhi would always be on the phone and used to tell him that she couldn’t focus on work anymore. While referencing the drama serial Baba Jani, Faisal said that Savera Nadeem was used to be on the video call with her children all the time while doing TV scenes.

The Real Master of the House

Faisal further elaborated on the causes of why the careers of women were affected in the Pakistani drama industry. He said that women face more burdens than men regarding domestic responsibilities.

Men usually pride themselves by claiming that they run the house based on finance, but women do the actual heavy lifting behind the scenes. So, even if she is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that she is exempt from taking care of the kids and doing groceries simultaneously.

Faisal also gave an example of actor Iqra Aziz, who used to do a lot of dramas before marrying Yasir Hussain.  However, according to Faisal, Iqra has started to work less after becoming a mother.

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