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Model Mathira Wins Hearts After Her Latest Interview

While talking with Tabish Hashmi, the comedian, and host of ‘To Be Honest’ show on Nashpati Prime, Mathira expressed her bold views about the social norms and society’s way of judging people. The Pakistani model who has always been recognized for her ‘not too shy’ traits, amused the viewers with her witty answers to the questions asked by the comedian.   

The model has faced criticism in the previous years of her career in the entertainment industry. However, this recent interview changed a lot of people’s perspectives about her since she wasn’t being reluctant towards giving the answers. Her quick responses became a medium of attraction for the spectators towards her.

The model has earlier worked in item songs in Pakistani movies.

Mathira Made The Show An Absolute Hit

The guest, Mathira on the latest episode of ‘To Be Honest’ became the limelight of the program. Also, her very nature of being blunt, bold, and straightforward turned out to be a good source of gaining viewers. Within 24hours, the number of watchers went up to 600,000 on YouTube. According to some spectators, the guest stole the show with her responses because she was facing Tabish, who also happens to be a witty person and the actress roasted him through her way of expressing audacious views.   

What Did The Celebrity Say At The Show?

During the interview, the interviewer asked Mathira about her career and the criticism she faced. He also inquired about her stance based on the public’s opinion about her. For instance, how they used to see her as a sex symbol and judge her by calling her vulgar for what she has been doing in the industry as an entertainer. She answered bluntly that sex isn’t bad, it is a natural phenomenon and people should consider it the way it is. 

Tabish Hashmi asked for Mathira’s views on feminism and she responded that there shouldn’t be a comparison between a man and a woman since both genders are different and have diverse traits. Also, she stated that both genders should avoid fitting into each other’s roles and appreciate the fact that they born with dissimilar qualities. 

Moreover, she expressed her views on how society judges people regardless of their positive and good sides. It only fixates on those things about which portray only negativity about them. 

Certain people with the characteristic of passing judgment on others can’t seem to see how it’s making the other person feel. For instance, when the public started trolling Pakistani actor Sheroz Sabzwari for marrying Sadaf Kanwal and defending her decision on social media, it created difficulties for them in the industry, reportedly. 

Public Praising Her For Being Bold

Supposedly, the public considered Mathira among the women who sparked controversies over the years in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Nonetheless, this interview with Tabish Hashmi presumably made her a star in the eyes of several individuals. Many posted on social media how they have become a fan of Mathia Mohammed’s straightforwardness. Some admired her audacity and the way she roasted the host with her answers that even turned out to be shocking for him. 

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