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Tariq Jamil Blames Co-Education for Indecency while Condemning Rape

Pakistan’s popular religious figure Maulana Tariq Jamil has condemned the heinous motorway rape incident in a video message. The cleric while talking about the issue also threw light on causes of moral degradation and indecency in Pakistan with co-education being one of them.

The heinous crime of rape led people to call for delivering immediate death penalty to the sex offenders. Maulana Tariq Jamil had a similar stance but the reason he gave for such problems was deemed illogical. Since the first process of eradication of crime is getting to the root cause, so identification of the exact cause is a necessary pre-requisite. Otherwise, lawmakers can come up with faulty solutions that can further exacerbate the problem.

Folks Pointing Out Issues with Maulana Tariq Jamil’s Logic

He stated that the downfall of this nation was not due to the economic instability or lack of resources as Pakistan is nuclearized. He said that it was due to the obscenity, immorality, and religious defiance. He then requested the Government of Pakistan to change the law for God’s sake which was established 150 years ago by the Englishmen.

He continued requesting the government to fix the parliament as their only job is to work in legislation but they are busy in fighting each other. He asked government to deliver the offenders with the worst punishment available in the law.

He also talked about rising cases of child abuse and rape before saying that co-education plays a vital role in promoting rape. He said that if you add fuel to the fire then there will be more fire. This caused distaste among public and they targeted Maulana with extreme anger

Public Criticized His Reasoning For Rape Culture In Pakistan

It was a condemnation video so the public was expecting how Tariq Jamil would condemn the motorway incident which shook the whole nation. Instead, Maulana said that girls and boys studying together instigate indecency, Many people on social media questioned Maulana on the child rape happening in Madrassah (the religious institutes) where there is no education and perpetrators are clerics.

They condemned Maulana for mentioning co-education as the reason for rape while recent events in Pakistan prove otherwise. People wanted an explanation of how co-education was related to the child rapes in madrassas, or a father raping her own daughter, or even animal rapes.

A former student of the system reassured MTJ that he has also studied in co-education where girls and boys studied together in a healthy competition rather than having a group sex

Some social media users tried to find the connection between diplomatic statements of Maulana and the government officials. Apparently, to them there was a little difference. They began doubting that he’s links with the state as any unbiased person would have condemned the government first for weak protocols at the motorway at night time.

For some women, Tariq Jamil’s statement can cause a problem regarding permission to attend university. Maulana has a huge following among elders who can start to put restrictions on their children just because he criticized co-education

According to the critics, all Tariq Jamil had to do was condemn the behavior of vile men instead of prolonging the lecture.

On Playing His Role for Religion and People

Maulana Tariq Jameel is known for spreading peace and love between the countless sects that people have created within the religion of Islam. However, critics argue that his lectures have become highly motivated by the state’s interest rather than those of religion and the people.

Previously, he accepted the invitation by PM Imran Khan to offer a prayer at controversial COVID-19 relief fund where he was criticized for blaming the dressing of women for the calamity.

Apart from all this criticism, Maulana Tariq Jamil is an esteemed religious figure in Pakistan who has a huge fan following among people of different age groups. Perhaps, this is the reason why people expect him to be precise on mentioning the root causing of the prevalence of rape culture in Pakistan instead of laying burden on stereotypical notions.

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