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What Is MBS Agenda In India And What Do People Think of His Visit

After finishing his Pakistan’s visit Saudi crown prince Muhmmad Bin Salman (MBS) has landed in India to sign trade and investment deal in diverse areas. The arrival of the prince has received mixed views from Indians.

What Will MBS Talk About While He Visits India

The Saudi prince arrived in India late Tuesday to discuss the signing of MOU’s. Narinder Modhi Indian Priminister gave the prince the official red carpet welcome with a characteristic bear hug.

During the two day meeting, the Saudi prince tends to talk of investment in crucial areas like security and infrastructural development. HRH talks will also feature a set up of an oil refinery in the western coast of India which is expected to cost 44 billion dollars according to media reports.

Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Pakistan resulted in largest Saudi investment worth $20 billion.

Indians Response To MBS Arrival In India  

The arrival of the Saudi prince has received mixed responses. Where some welcome him, others have condemned his arrival and have demanded that he be asked to leave. Here are the prominent responses

  1. Ban All People And Companies Who Invest In Pakistan

After the Pulwama attack many Indians are demanding a ban on companies and people that invest in Pakistan. Many Indians feel since MBS has signed agreements to invest  in Pakistan  he should not be allowed to come into Pakistan.

  • Don’t Deal With Murderers

Many Indians feel that to the signing of different MOU’s with Saudi Arabia is blatantly supporting the crimes against humanities committed by Saudi Arabia in Syria and are demanding to call off the meeting with KSA

  • Please Ask The Saudi Crown Prince to Wave The Dependency Fee

Several Indians are living and working in KSA along with their families. They have requested the Priminister of India to ask the crown prince to wave the dependency fees they have to pay.

  • Stop Funding Terrorist

There are mixed reactions in the country. There are those who feel that no deal or relation can be made and maintained with Saudi Arabia as long as it funds Pakistan and Kashmiri militant. They have asked KSA to clarify its stance.

  • Welcome to India  HRH

While some view the forthcoming of HRH is an insult to India others are welcoming him with open arms and say this visit will open a new chapter in Saudi –indo relations

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