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Mysterious Death of McAfee Creator Makes Public Suspicious

John McAfee, the McAfee creator who happened to be a computer programmer, died in his prison cell on Wednesday. On Thursday, the Spanish investigators claimed that 75-year-old John committed suicide by hanging himself. The legal officers of Catalonia identified and confirmed that the deceased was none other than McAfee, the developer of widely used antivirus software. 

Recently, the US govt charged him for cryptocurrency fraud in New York. The Spanish court claimed that it approved John’s extradition to the US. Reportedly, his crime was tax evasion. He was the sole owner of 10 million dollars but failed to file tax returns from 2014 till 2018. The reports say that in order to hide his money and he had bought multiple properties in other people’s names. 

McAfee Creator Denies His Suicide

The McAfee creator tweeted in December regarding the US officials threatening him. In his tweet, he mentioned that the officials were after him and had been sending him subtle messages. He stated that they wanted him dead and the texts said the same. The social media post revealed that John had tattooed ‘whacked’ on his right arm, which means that someone murdered him and he didn’t commit suicide. 

The developer of McAfee antivirus posted another tweet in December 2020. He mentioned his well-being, how he was happy, and there was no need for him to hang himself. He said, if people found him hanging dead, it will not be his fault. 

Other than that, the public isn’t ready to believe that the famous programmer took his own life. They believe something else has happened that resulted in his death. An entrepreneur, Jim Osman posted on social media that he had interviewed and talked to McAfee and it is quite not possible that he took a wild step and ended his life. Osman expressed that he was in shock to hear the news about John committing suicide out of nowhere. 

McAfee’s Wife Accuses Authorities of His Death  

in October, McAfee was arrested in Spain. Since then, his wife Janice has been expressing concerns about how he was not doing well in jail. According to her, the authorities were not treating him well. He was not getting proper medical attention. She accused the US authorities of her husband’s death. She tweeted on Father’s Day about his late husband. Janice talked in his tweet about how the McAfee creator was an honest person. At times his honesty got him in trouble with corrupt police officers. He had an outspoken nature. The tweet reflects an allegation against the system that US authorities wanted him in prison to show him a lesson for speaking against corruption. According to Janice, John tried to expose the government agencies. However, the system is unfair and he could never find justice in America, said the wife. 

Public Demands Justice 

Social media is flooding with posts demanding justice for the late John McAfee. Aside from the Govt’s claims that the McAfee creator hung himself and took his own life, people don’t believe in that. They find it as a conspiracy of US authorities against the bold man. Some even side with him by denying that he had committing Tax or Cryptocurrency fraud. Other than that, his admirers are acknowledging that the officials might have played a dirty trick, which should be exposed in order to serve true justice. 

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