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Here’s Why This McDonalds Employee Runs 6 Miles Every Day From Work to Home

19-year-old McDonalds employee Pradeep Mehra has won many hearts after his video of running home from work went viral. Filmmaker Vinod Kapri passed him by in a car and made a video of Mehra after he discovered him running on the street. Kapri thought that the boy might be in trouble so wanted to offer him a lift in his car.

McDonalds Employee Refuses to Hitch a Ride

Mehra turned down the offer and revealed his ambitions to join the Indian army. He said that he was a McDonalds employee in Noida and ran 6 miles every day to keep himself in shape for the army. Inspired by the conversation, Kapri shared the video on social media on Sunday. Since then the video has gained more than 6 million views.

Kapri wanted Mehra to come with him for dinner and run in the morning instead. Mehra explained that going with Kapri would disturb his tight schedule. The boy worked the night shift and had to wake up early in the morning and cook for himself and his elder brother, who also worked the night shift. His parents lived in Uttarakhand where his father was taking care of his ill mother. 

India Salutes the Boy’s Effort

The video melted many hearts in India. Social media lit up with best wishes for the young McDonalds employee. Some called him an epitome of motivation and others hailed him as a role model for the kids. A military officer Lt Gen Satish Dua also commended Mehra and claimed to have pulled some strings to make sure that the boy received exclusive training for his regiment.

Besides the heartfelt comments, one can imagine how rough the military can be on the young soldiers in the name of “training”. Most seniors treat their juniors like slaves and get away with it by calling it training.

Why Joining the Indian Army can be Detrimental for this Kid?

This McDonalds employee seems extremely lively and determined just like every aspiring soldier. However, after a few years in the army under questionable leadership, many have seen fate worse than death. A heart-wrenching video of an Indian army soldier went viral in 2017 in which he revealed high-level corruption leading to deplorable working conditions. The paramilitary troop named Tej Bahadur Yadav of Border Security Forces (BSF) made a video accusing senior officials of selling the food meant for the soldiers. He said that the soldiers received low-quality food instead due to which they starved on their duties while seniors made money.

If it’s still the same case in the Indian Army then Pradeep Mehra is better off on his own.

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