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Me too Movement Talk Leads Azfar Rehman To Accuse Women

The famous Pakistani actor Azfar Rehman Accused Female Artists of Sexual Harassment while talking to the popular Begum Nawazish Ali on a morning show ‘By the Way’. The host of the show and the Rehman were discussing how women become a victim of abuse and they are unable to defend themselves. Upon this, the guest quoted that he had been on the other side of the assault. He also stated that men are not always the culprits.

Is Azfar Rehman Against The Me Too Movement?

While having the conversation with Begum Nawazish Ali on the show, Azfar Rehman shared his opinions regarding the me too movement. As per his views, it is not okay to experience such horrible things in life. Nobody has the right to force themselves on others and fulfill their inappropriate desires.

Azfar stated that, at times, people are not saying the truth but using social media for their supposedly unethical benefits. For instance, certain individuals use social sites and stories of sexual harassment to unleash their grudges on others. In other words, personal vendetta becomes a reason behind taking the support of this movement to ruin others. Rehman mentioned that he doesn’t find exposing people on social media platforms an authentic way.  

Are Men At the Women’s Mercy?

Supposedly, me too movement has become a trend among the public and several women tell their stories of getting assaulted. However, Azfar Rehman seems to disagree that women are the only victims here. In his opinion, females are not always right as they can be involved in notorious acts too. In this case, he mentioned how he was also harassed sexually when he came to the industry. Although, he refused to take the names of those who were involved in jeopardizing his chastity.

How Popular Entities Embrace Me too Crusade? 

Women complain about the increasing rate of assaults on them and demand to eradicate the threat immediately. Keeping this concern in view, whenever a celebrity is involved in any case even remotely relevant to harassment, they demand quick action against him/her. The reason is that popular faces are the inspiration of many people and when they do something unethical, their followers tend to copy them.

Allegedly, the whole scenario and Azfar Rehman’s viewpoint state that celebrities are among those who get crushed under the burden of sexual harassment. For instance, Noman Ijaz faced criticism after taking the me too movement too seriously by talking about his pleasure adventures with the co-stars and other female entities.

Allegedly several other public figures embraced me too movement and described incidents related to them as well as others. They supposedly also talked about how they feel about the whole movement and if it is influential to victims or not.

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