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Indian Media Faces Criticism for Simulating Sridevi Death

Indian media gets slammed for exploiting iconic Bollywood actress and beauty queen Sridevi Death as an opportunity to gain TRP. The local news channels reported the incident in a way that it appeared to be a murder mystery rather than a death due to accidental drowning.

Further, the baseless reports, uncalled for speculations and Sridevi death simulations infuriated the fans as such an irresponsive reporting could hurt the sentiments of the bereaved family. News channels also faced criticism for making a film out of actress’ death.

Simulation of Sridevi Death in Bath Tub  

Local news channels in India came up with the simulation of Sridevi death soon after they knew that actress died of accidental drowning in bathtub followed by the unconscious. Media outlets made the Photoshop images showing Sridevi in a bathtub. Few even depicted her husband Boney Kapoor standing on the scene.

In order to simulate how Sridevi could have died an Indian journalist laid himself in a bathtub.

Apart from simulations media houses also came up with analysis on how undergoing surgeries or consumption of alcohol could have caused the actress’ death.

Criticism of Indian Media

Making a mockery out of the Sridevi death was indeed a not so civilized act. Many Twitter users were right on pointing out how such a reaction by news channel was nothing more than adding insult to the injuries.

Here is what the critics have to say about media’s portrayal of Sridevi tragic death.

A Telugu film actor Siddharth opined on Twitter that Indian actors should take action to identify and scrutinize the news channels for such a false coverage of Sridevi death.

And, this was a sarcastic way of targetting those who did their best to made a joke out of the actress’ death.

Well, the media insensitivity is same as in India as it is in Pakistan.

Sridevi death will remind us why are we so ghoulish?

Let Her Rest in Peace

And, the request is valid.

Sridevi who ruled the Indian cinema for decades last time appeared in the film Mom along with Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali. Her stunning acting in a 2012 film English Vinglish enthralled the audience. The actress’s final performance is a cameo in Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero. Her demise is considered to be the end of an era for Indian film industry.

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