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Meera Wants to Replace Priyanka Chopra In Chris Pratt Film

Pakistani film actress and entertainer Meera is once again making headlines; this time for her desire to replace Priyanka Chopra in a Chris Pratt starrer film. Lollywood star thinks that she is a better actress hence Hollywood should consider her instead of Priyanka.

Meera On Being Better Than Priyanka

Meera spoke her mind on being a better actress than Priyanka after Filmfare shared that later was to star opposite to Chris Pratt in his upcoming film Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Hotal actress not only termed her acting skills better than Priyanka but also asked Hollywood to consider her opposite to Chris Pratt; the actor earlier hoped to visit Pakistan.

Twitterati’s Response to Meera’s Statement

Twitter users who responded to Meera’s tweet didn’t talk much about her acting skills or whether they were better than Priyanka Chopra or not; instead; they trolled the actress for her English.

Those Who Corrected Her

Was That Sarcasm-Intended

And They Didn’t Think It to Be Real

Those Who Applauded Her Confidence

Cowboy Ninja Viking

The Cowboy Ninja Viking is an upcoming action film of Chris Pratt who recently appeared in Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom which is one of the highest grossing Hollywood films of 2018. Game of Thrones director Michelle MacLaren is directing the film which is an onscreen adaptation of a graphic novel Image Comics. Chris Pratt is reportedly playing an agent who has multiple personalities of ninja, Viking, and cowboy.

Another Hollywood Breakthrough for Priyanka

Priyanka earlier made headlines for exiting Salman Khan starer Bharat. The actress who is no longer working on one of the most anticipated Bollywood projects has now signed Cowboy Ninja Viking. Working in the Chris Prat starrer may give Quantico star a breakthrough in her Hollywood career.

As far as Meera’s desire of working in Hollywood is concerned, it is her aspiration. She is indeed a talented actress but to replace Priyanka in a Chirs Pratt starer; she will have to go a long way and concentrate more on her work.

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