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Why Megan Fox and MGK are Not a Good Couple?

Hollywood actress Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker) have dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Many of their fans have been calling them “gross” due to how they act in relationship. Megan Fox and MGK are not known to shy away from paparazzi; in fact, they flaunt their intimacy even more when they are being recorded. Much of the buzz surrounding them has stemmed from the controversies they seem to create every now and then. Almost everything about their relationship is ripe for commentary, and viewers have not said very nice things about them.

Megan Fox and MGK Have Gone Too Far that it Seems Fake

Things between Megan Fox and MGK have been weird since the beginning. Their excessive PDA (public display of affection) has not left a good impression on their fans. Some even said that their love looked fake when the couple shared an intimate kissing session while their camera crew was already waiting there to record them awkwardly. Most celebrities do not just jump into each other’s arms while the paparazzi are on a hunt. The kiss seems like a stage performance from a couple that constantly needs to convince everyone that they are happy with each other. They even lick others’ tongues in front of everyone when attending gatherings and award functions.

MGK also wears a blood vial around his neck and claims it’s Megan’s blood. It is hard for most fans to put up with something as immature as this because it does not seem real when it comes to love or relationships, except for a select few who are probably into some devil-worshipping stuff.

Things Are Moving Very Fast

Fans also commented that Megan Fox and MGK have moved with their relationship very fast, considering there are kids on each side. Megan broke up with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green in May 2020, after 10 years of marriage and sharing 3 children. On the other hand, MGK also has one daughter. Both met during the shooting of a super flop film, ‘Midnight in Switchgrass’ starring Bruce Willis and Emile Hirsch, in March 2020. Both hit off instantly, but fans never thought it was a healthy relationship. The way Megan described MGK was highly disturbing. She used words like “dangerous”, “tortured”, “haunted”, and “lawless” to describe MGK in a social media post.

Megan’s fans were concerned about her and thought she wasn’t making good life choices.

MGK is Destroying Megan’s Life

Megan Fox and MGK also claimed that they drank each other’s blood under a banyan tree when they got engaged. Even if it’s a joke, it is not funny or exciting for the fans. Some fans have created better jokes by mocking them for not coming up with a better idea to gain attention.

There were discussions on how MGK has a disturbing history of drug abuse, and now he has also pulled Megan towards drugs from family life. Some reports claim that Megan has helped MGK get rid of his drugs habit, but both were seen as highly intoxicated on multiple occasions. Last year when MGK won the Billboard’s Top Rock Artist, both made a video of celebration in a public washroom in which they were visibly stumbling. Since then, the fans have been worried about MGK’s influence on Megan’s life.

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