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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Express Love by Drinking Each Other’s Blood

People do crazy things in love as they sometimes go beyond limits to strengthen their bond with their partners. Colson Baker and Megan Fox are being counted among such people. The reason is that the actress Fox shared her most shocking detail about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly the rapper. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly celebrate their unification by drinking each other’s blood. It is not even a metaphor or a symbolic phrase because Megan herself confirmed that they do it for rituals.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: Bloody Valentine

Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly have something unordinary and unorthodox as the couple has been sipping blood as a part of rituals. On Tuesday, Jenifer’s Body star revealed that in an interview with Glamour UK. This was also the reason behind so much popularity of their engagement. People took it as a joke but later found out that the couple went too far with their celebration. Fox also told that she calls Kelly her Bloody valentine and they often drink each other’s blood on occasions. She didn’t explain why they do it but just that they drink blood on special occasions like the full moon or new moon or some events like that.

The Story Doesn’t End at Blood Sucking

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a rather complex relationship hard to be understood by common people one can say. People can expect all sorts of filmy, unreal, and bizarre things in the name of a relationship. Their madness towards each other doesn’t end with sipping blood for rituals. Fox shared details about how her fiancé is a more chaotic person when it comes to expressing love. She mentioned how he tells her to take his souls. He talks about wanting to cut his chest open with glass and present his soul, Fox. She mentioned that not exactly but something like this has already happened.

Love Over Pain 

The couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been notorious for being a weird relationship. People called them gross after their engagement and even wondered why Megan Fox and MGK were not a good couple. Their relationship seemed toxic to some as well since the ring she wore had two huge thrones that hurt her whenever she tried to remove the ring. Even though the events are creepy and depressing not to forget the blood-drinking and non-removable ring, the couple didn’t mention anything about anything being wrong with their relationship.

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