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Madame Tassauds’s Removes Meghan and Harry’s Wax Figure

The news of Maghan Markle and her Husband Prince Harry’s announcement to set back as senior royals is the talk of the town. The couple have decided to leave the royal family and become financially independent; this implies that Meghan and Harry will no longer receive any financial support from the Monarch. According to latest media reports, London’s famous Madame Tussauds museum has also removed Meghan and Harry’s wax statue which was placed besides queen along with other royals.

Social media remained much obsessed with what they called as #Megexit or Meghan and Harry’s exit from royal family. The reaction of the public was mixed. There was support for Meghan and backlash for racism that she faced. And, also their were criticism of couple for leaving the royal family and not caring for their status as influencers.

Critics have a point of view that real losers are tabloids and corporates who were making money through couple’s public appearances and their personal life news in different capacities, as they were the members of royal family.

No More Meghan and Harry Wax Figures at Madame Tassauds

After the 24 hours of the news that Meghan and Harry are setting back as senior royals, Madame Tassauds London removed the couple’s wax figure from royal family display. The was figures were displayed there in May 2018 before couple’s wedding.

The reactions have already started pouring in.

And also the opinions… Like, folks think that it was too early for the famous museum of wax statues to make such a move.

Does this mean that Meghan and Harry had a recognition only because they were royals. Well, that may be true in case of Harry but folks knew Meghan before because of her acting.


What Next for Harry and Meghan’s Status in the Museum?

Now the question is will museum give them a separate display or not because they have much fan following because of their charity work.

It seems that no one is liking this move.

According to media reports Harry and Meghan will continue their charity projects while dividing their time between North America and UK. It is not sure what will be their new source of income but they will no longer be living on tax-payer’s expense.

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