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Meghan and Harry May Move to Africa to Raise Their Child

Meghan and Harry may be moving to Africa for two to three years after the birth of their child. This move comes as a result of a plan by the royal family’s courtiers who have devised a major international role for the royal couple.

Earlier in October 2018, Meghan Markle pregnancy news had taken over the social media. Now, the speculations about the upcoming child and where the royal couple wants to bring him up are rife.

Possible Reason behind Sending Megan and Harry to Africa

According to international relation experts, both Meghan and Harry have made multiple trips to the Commonwealth nations. So the main reason behind sending the Duke and Duchess of Sussex maybe to increase the Queen’s influences in the commonwealth countries especially the African countries.

Another reason behind this decision may be to possibly dial down the tension brewing between Prince Harry and Prince William as numerous rumors have emerged.  Ever since their marriage, there seems to be some kind of friction between Meghan and Kate, allegedly that is affecting the prince’s as well. This tension may also be the reason why both Meghan and Harry decided to move out of Kensington Palace. Regardless of what decision is made both Harry and Megan will continue to carry out their duties as president and vice president of the commonwealth trust.

Buckingham Palace View on This Situation

A spokesperson for Buckingham palace while talking to the media told that the decision for the Duke and Duchess to move to Africa was speculative and not final. It was only in the planning phase, so no information about their departure could be revealed.

He further told that irrespective of which project the Duke of Sussex took his brother William the Duke of Cambridge would always be there to cheer him on and support him in whatever form he was required to.

The Security Concerns Associated With This Decision

According to the metro police, the expenses associated with keeping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex safe while there stay in Africa will further starch their budget. The royal couple will need to pay their agent more in the form of travel expenses and medical insurance to give an example. In the last but not least food and lodging services.

The Metro Police already has a designated budget of 130 million pounds. If the couple decides to move to Africa an extra 1 million pounds will be required according to an estimate. So the royal family would need to chip in to help.

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