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Meghan Harry Engagement to be Announced Soon

The stars may finally align to make the Meghan Harry engagement possible. As the famous saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The two are enjoying a cozy relationship for more than a year. So many media outlets reach to one and only one conclusion that Meghan Harry engagement is near.

Why Meghan Harry Engagement in December?

If you have not noticed yet, Royal schedule is hectic. We saw a glorious wedding ceremony of Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge in May.

Prince Diana’s 20th anniversary this August will keep the British Royal Family busy.

Prince Philip and the Queen will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary in November.

So people who understand the Royal Family well enough, suggest December as the month for the announcement of Meghan Harry engagement. If December is indeed their engagement month, Meghan may like to join the Royal Family in celebrating the Christmas.

The Early Marriage of Suits Actress Meghan Markle

A lot of people do not know that Meghan Markle had married once before meeting Prince Harry. She married to Trevor Engelson in 2011 after a long relationship. The film producer husband had to stay away from her, and she had to shoot for Suits. The apparent remote distance relationship made it difficult to give stability to their wedding. The marriage lasted for a very short time.

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan had a short-lived relationship with Cory Vitiello, dating the guy between 2014 and 2016. She stopped dating Corry Vitiello when she met Prince Harry.

Although, they made a charming couple. Cory Vitiello was more into his career. To him, the relationship came after work, which is the reason the second relationship could not continue.

Meet the Markles

Meghan Harry Engagement to be Announced SoonA show with the name of “Meet the Markles” will reportedly be released later this year. Meghan Markle’s relationship with Harry has created a lot of media interest in her private life.

The show which previously exposed private lives of the American actresses will this time look into Meghan’s life. It may give the audiences a sneak peek into the low-profile Harry Meghan relationship.

Reports suggest that Channel 4 is going to produce this show. The program may air interviews with people close to Meghan.

Anyone marrying in the British Royal Family does not get the title “Prince” or “Princess” by default. The reason why Diana was given the name Princess was her husband who was born in the Royal Family, but he was also invested the title of Prince by the Queen. It is why the same privilege has not been extended to Kate and may also not be extended to Meghan.

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