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Every Meghan and Harry Couple is Eligible for Free Luxury Wedding

Now couples don’t necessarily need to belong from a royal family for getting married in a luxury wedding ceremony; their royal names are enough to make them have this privilege. Couples whose names are Meghan and Harry are eligible for a free luxury wedding if they fulfil certain conditions.

Free Luxury Wedding for Meghan and Harry Couple

According to report by EveningStandard, Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel in London has offered the package of a free luxury wedding for couples whose names are Meghan and Harry.

The five star luxury wedding package will include following things.

  1. Allowing use of decorated art ball room for wedding reception
  2. A four course meal along with wine
  3. Availability of a prestigious grand suite for spending the wedding night.
  4. A luxury wedding paid by the Grand Park Lane Hotel

Meghan and Harry

Who is Eligible for Free Luxury Wedding?

The names of Meghan and Harry are not sufficient conditions for being eligible for a luxury wedding. According to the conditions, every Harry and Harry, Meghan and Meghan and Meghan and Harry couple who is engaged and ready to get married can avail the opportunity of luxury wedding package. Couples must show few pictures and proof of the engagement for filing the entries. Only one lucky couple from all the candidates will be able to get marry with the luxury wedding package of the hotel.

Royal Marriage for Not So Royal Couples

Soon after the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement, speculations about the expected royal wedding started roaming in the media. The royal couple will now get married in the month of May. The hotel package of a luxurious wedding for ordinary Meghan and Harry couples is also available for those who are getting married in May. Hence, the lucky couples can also get a chance to coincide their marriage with a royal wedding; something that might be a pleasant long run memory.

Hotel Packages for Meghan and Harry Couples

There is a ray of hope for those Meghan and Harry couples who can’t win the opportunity for a luxurious wedding. Mecure Hotels have also a special announcement for the couples who have royal names. They are offering free night stay to Meghan and Harry couples at their London Hyde Park and London Kensington hotels, along with a free breakfast. So, the royal wedding is bringing so many royal opportunities for those who are sharing their names with the royal couple.

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