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Meghan Markle Reveals Royal Family Concerns Over Color Of Her Kid

Meghan Markle appeared in an exclusive interview with the popular television host, Oprah Winfrey. It included some shocking revelations about the British Royal Family. The Duchess of Sussex recounted some memories and conversations from her life at the Palace which shocked Oprah as well as the audience.

Meghan Markle Contemplated Suicide Under Royal Racism

She accused the monarchy of using racism to the point where she started having suicidal thoughts while pregnant. Apparently, there were genuine concerns about the skin color of her baby. She did not mention the name of the person who was concerned that it could be a problem if the baby’s skin is darker. This unnamed member of the Royal Family even wondered what the baby’s color would mean for their family.

Prince Harry was also a witness to such types of conversations, according to Meghan. Oprah asked him what kind of questions did Royal Family threw at him about Meghan and he said that he was too uncomfortable to even repeat those.

Harry further added that his family brought up the subject of the child’s appearance well before the wedding. The common people can also see the difference in the royal opinion when it comes to accepting diversity.

When she was going through mental health issues over the pressure from her in-laws, she requested medical help. In the interview, she said that Buckingham Palace officials denied her that medical help because it could damage the institution.

Royal Family Never Supported Meghan On Racial Front

Megan’s description of royal life suggests that it may begin as a fairy tale but it also turns into suffocating confinement. By talking to Oprah candidly, she won many hearts for raising the combustible issues of privilege and race within the imperial society of Great Britain.

Social media users have also felt absolute disdain for the British Royal Family and recalled some of their past atrocities. It has always been difficult for white imperialism to accept the mixed racial culture.

Harry agreed that his family has never been supportive of Meghan whenever she needed it. A lot of British tabloids and newspapers often did racist coverage of Meghan Markle and her life among royalists. On the other hand, some even antagonized her and portrayed her as the destroyer of families.

Harry mentioned that his family could have extended public support for his wife but they didn’t. Harry mentioned that it hurt him and eventually led him to tear away from his family.

In the beginning of 2020 when Harry and Meghan Markle announced to exit the Royal Family, the famous wax museum in London removed their statue, which was placed alongside other notable figures of the Royal Family.

Why Meghan Is Viewed As A Villain By British Tabloids?

Most narratives in the media depict Meghan as a villain, who swayed the prince and created a rift between him and his family. However, Prince Harry has cleared the air on that matter. According to him, she has been a hero in his life instead of a villain. Despite the privileged life, he felt trapped and wanted a way out. He mentioned that it was Meghan Markle who gave him the strength to step back from the royal life and go live in a real one.

Moreover, according to the public reaction after the interview, the same institution that is proud of its monarchic values, was seeming like a villain.

Even common people on the internet were calling out the Royal Family for being cruel to their children. However, the Royal Family would probably remain the same as even some laws don’t affect them either.

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