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Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy News Has Taken Over The Twitter

After Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry in the proper royal way everyone was expecting their baby. There were many times when people were more excited about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy than princess Eugenie’s wedding. Now the royal sources have confirmed it officially that these both are going to have a baby in spring 2019.

Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Rumours

Though now Meghan Markle’s pregnancy news has been confirmed from the official page of Kensington Palace, at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, every single person noticed the way Meghan got dressed, her long blue coat and her way of endorsing that she is pregnant.

All the fans were really focused on the dress and the avatar which was carried by the Dutchess of Sussex on Princess Eugenie’s wedding last Friday.


Everyone thought that she is hiding something from the media and the public. That was the first time people actually took Meghan Markle’s pregnancy rumors seriously as a news! These all folks lost their interest in the Royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and started chattering about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy,

Crazy Fans Over Twitter

We all know that Meghan Markle’s wedding and then her pregnancy news has taken the position of a trend all around the globe. The fan following of Duke and Dutchess of Sussex is so much in number that it is impossible to collaborate the limit of excitement which has been spread like a wave on Earth!

In response to Kensington Palace’s tweet, tweeps are not taking it slow!


Who Will Be the Godfather!

While no one is worried about the godfather announcement a guy here is very much potentially involved in being one I guess! If that makes sense to you guys, let’s see what Ben Shephard has to offer from his tweet!

Who Will Get The Throne

This is not all, in fact, people are also discussing the throne now! You can’t decide it over twitter guys!

Where everyone is thinking about the Royal baby a man has presented a logical point of view!

We can only keep Meghan and Harry in our prayers after hearing this news. This is their private happiness and if they have decided to share it with everyone then this is also their personal decision #throyalbaby!

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