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Mehwish Hayat Shocked after Fan Wraps Arm around Her

Famous Pakistani film actor and model Mehwish Hayat has taken to social media to share her unpleasant experience with a fan. Hayat through her Instagram fan page talked about an incident in Houston when a fan tried to wrap his arm around her. However, CEO HUM FM Rehan Siddiqi came forward and took him away. Mehwish also mentioned that earlier she was not aware of the incident. While talking about this she praised Rehan and wrote that people should learn from him what being a true gentleman was all about. The whole event was captured on camera as well.

Mehwish Hayat on Fans Taking Liberties with Stars

As per her social media post, Mehwish was shocked at how fans thought they could take liberties with the artists. Perhaps, the man’s act whether performed deliberately or inadvertently amounted to harassment because he had touched the actor without her consent.

Later Rehan Siddiqi also posted the picture of the incident and tagged it with the statement “some people need to learn manners of meet and greet when around women….”

The man who tried to wrap his arm around Mehwish Hayat might be just a fan with no bad intentions or will for some malicious attempts. It is also quite common for the fans to show affection for the celebs they admire by coming closer to them. Mostly, while trying to take selfies they just don’t care that wrapping the arm around the waist or rubbing shoulders with their favourite celebs can be equal to violating their personal space or making them uncomfortable.

Is It the Price that Celebs Have to Pay

Filmstars and sportspersons do earn fame and wealth. However, such a privilege comes at the cost of sacrificing something which is privacy. In this particular case of Mehwish Hayat, it was just a fan who tried to wrap his arm around her waist; an act which was not acceptable because it clearly made the actor uncomfortable. It is not a mere violation of the public space but also about the expression of views about certain socio-political and even cultural phenomena. Celebs who enjoy a huge fan following whether on social media or in the real life have to be responsible and cautious enough otherwise they end up facing criticism. Perhaps remaining in limelight for some wrong reasons and jeopardizing their privacy at public events is a cost that stars have to pay for their fame.

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