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These Memes on Deepika Ranveer Wedding Pictures Are Too Hilarious

Bollywood’s hit celebrity couple Deepika and Ranveer have finally tied a knot and fans are more than happy. While, not everyone was invited to the wedding ceremony people were anxiously waiting for their fair share of entertainment in the form of social media memes on Deepika Ranveer wedding pictures. The outcome turned out to be much hilarious and worth a laugh.

Deepika Ranveer Wedding Pictures Memes

First of all it was because of mystery that surrounded the pictures from the ceremony. Unlike, Kohli and Anushka wedding there was no such direct way for media to get an insight into what was happening, except some blurry pictures. In such a circumstances it was inevitable for fans to not use their creativity to describe the situation.

Like, this universal meme that says it all.

Even Netflix India didn’t lag behind.

This meme explained media’s dilemma over Deepika Ranveer wedding pictures so well.

The Reaction Over DeepVeer Wedding Pictures

So, this time media couldn’t catch momentary detail of everything that happened at Deepika Ranveer Wedding. Therefore when pictures came they were no less than a surprise. Despite the fact that couples had done so many movies together and seeing them with each other was not a new thing for fans, DeepVeer still managed to amass praise for how beautiful they looked.

Deepika and Ranveer simply complimented each other on the eve of their wedding ceremony.

Fans got a glimpse of what couple looked in a Two states wedding ceremony.

And, this guy was absolutely right to bring out motivational factor from this event.

For many to digest the fact that Ranveer Singh had finally got Deepika was a bit difficult.

People were not happy for not getting to watch too many of Deepika Ranveer wedding pictures.

They also poked some fun on Ranbir Kapoor who is not only Deepika Pedukone’s ex but also Ranveer Singh’s competitor in bollywood.

Same Pictures Repeating Again

Fans were also fed up with looking at same picture again and again. Like, why DeepVeer didn’t reveal some more pictures from the wedding?

Well, this was epic.

Here is something that every feminist is going to love

How it was possible for Anushka Sharma memes to not get a benefit from a viral event. It is interesting to note that Sui Dhaga actress doesn’t look out of place here.

Comparing with Bhansaali Movies

Well, this meme was more scary. No one would like a real life Bhansali movie end, like the one in Padmaavat.

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