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Memes that Defined Pakistani Social Media Scene in 2017

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that memes are the fuel of social media humor. Ingredients that Page admins need to create hilarity at someone’s expense include a political event, some big news from sports ground, worth criticizing-action of a celebrity or an extraordinary video on some social issue. The phenomena reflect very well in the Pakistani social media scene.

Here are the legends and the events which acted an abundant source for an endless supply of social media memes in 2017.

It All Began With “Yeh Bik Gai Hai Gormint”

A Karachi woman, later became famous as Aunty Gormint’s interview went viral on social media. She used swear words and very abusive language to criticize the Government for mismanagement and load shedding. Her famous line “Yeh Bik Gai Hai Gormint” (This government has been sold), became an ultimate catchphrase for any meme to come in future.

The woman became not only a symbol of sarcasm but also Che Guevera for the social media brigade after someone edited her picture to make her look like the famous communist leader.

The sad aspect is that Aunty Gormint whose real name is Mrs.Qamar suffered a backlash from her family for bringing the bad image. The woman indeed had to pay a huge price.

Then followed the Shan Ad

For Pakistanis, Biryani is more like food. Earlier, this year Shan, a food brand advertised its Biryani Masala by leveraging the China-Pakistan economic relation and trade ties, through a TVC. The commercial immediately became a talk of the town for its courage to show a Chinese girl making a Biryani just like an expert Desi chef, which was almost an impossible thing.

Different cities of Pakistan, especially Karachi and Lahore are already divided on the issue of a Perfect Biryani. No wonders, why the entry of Chinese into the same arena, gave birth to social media discussions.

Pakistani Wins ICC Champion Trophy

In the holy month of Ramzan Pakistan won ICC Champions Trophy beating India in final. But it was not Pakistan’s win that dominated the Facebook and Twitter. What captured the attention was Rishi Kapoor’s fight with Pakistanis on the matter of cricket. So, Bollywood star was the real victim of this event.

Judicial Ouster of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Social media users never miss a chance to opine on the political issues. Disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a result of Panama case, made youth to come up with hilarious memes, both in favor and against of the decision.

Uncle Majboor and Rabia’s Secret Phone Talk

Uncle Majboor talking on the phone to some Rabia proved to be a real entertainment. It gave a Pakistani social media users an alternate Johnny Sins because they don’t have access to the real one.

Kamlesh; Who Deserved Social Media Attention

Well, the issue of this Indian Kid addicted to the drugs required some serious attention. Social media users exploited him for creating the stuff for their reliability. In reality, they should have taken measures to improve his life and provide him with education opportunities.

This Hip-hop singer turned Naat Khwan

The tradition of Naat is robust in sub-continent. This sacred recitation is meant for praising Prophet Muhammad (SAW). On this Rabi-ul-Awal, the month in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born, video of a Naat went viral for its hip-hop style. The reciter used the famous catch line Tan Tan Tanatan that made the Naat sound like a Bhangra song; so, he ultimately caught the attention of internet for memes.

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