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5 Funny Memes on WhatsApp and Instagram Crash

Popular Facebook apps went offline last night (19th March) which led some users to troll them on other social media networks. There were no immediate reports of what caused the crash due to which users were a little agitated. They stormed Twitter with memes on WhatsApp and Instagram crash while aiming criticism at Facebook. Here are 5 of the funniest ones.

Memes on WhatsApp And Instagram Crash

Normally after the crash of one social network, users are likely to flock towards another. In this case, the lucky network was Twitter, on which most users were sharing their dissatisfaction with the servers of Facebook apps.

Some wondered that what if Facebook servers have had enough of its monopolistic approach to communication and accommodating billions of users. Therefore, they might have finally quit with pleading hands.

Many were making fun of Facebook apps on its rival network which was looking highly ironic. It showed how the monopoly of Facebook communication apps might not be dominant anymore. An increasing number of users have been moving towards WhatsApp alternative apps. Some people took the opportunity in articulating the feelings of all these apps.

Those who do not have much use for the Facebook apps, might not have been bothered by this crash. They still made their contribution in memes on WhatsApp and Instagram crash by glorifying the impact of Twitter once again.

Usually, when the app’s servers are down, people first blame their internet connection before investigating the cause. Especially Pakistanis who mostly use internet service by PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).

It seems that memes on WhatsApp and Instagram will never get old just like iPhone 12 memes.

Reports of the Problem in Using Facebook Apps

According to Downdetector stats, more than 26,000 people reported problems while accessing WhatsApp. On the other hand, 125,000 reports were related to Instagram login failure and around 3,000 people were facing issues with Facebook as well

Meanwhile more than 5,500 users reported that Facebook Messenger app was also not working for them.

What Happened with The Apps?

It was not immediately clear what was the cause of the outage that mostly affected two Facebook apps. Facebook resolved the issue within an hour citing ‘technical issue’ as the cause that troubled people in accessing some Facebook services.

While they were down, WhatsApp and Instagram were unable to load and refresh. WhatsApp was stuck on “connecting.” while Instagram displayed an error message saying “couldn’t refresh feed.”

WhatsApp humbly faced the music on social media while people were keeping the pressure intact with memes on WhatsApp and Instagram crash.

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