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New Zealand Holds Memorial Service For Terror Victims Of Mosque Massacre

People from all walks of life gathered to take part in a memorial service held for the victims of Christ church. It has been two weeks since the deadly massacre took place in Christchurch claiming the lives of at least 50 people.

Here Is What Memorial Service Was All About

The memorial service was held in Christchurch on a grass field where at least 200 people gathered including civic and religious leader from various communities. The Saudi foreign minister also attended the memorial.

The New Zealand Priminister Jacinda Ardern took to the stage to give a speech and assured the Muslims and other community members that the government Is doing all it can to make them feel safe. The 37-year-old during her speech stated that racism exists but is not welcomed here.

She further said that this atrocious act is an attack on the freedom and sovereignty of a person’s right to practice his religion. This is not welcomed here. We know that introducing stricter gun laws and banning white nationalist material or those who support them allegedly from social media is not enough

“We will continue to ensure the prevalence of diversity in our country”. she added.

Farid Ahmed a survivor whose wife died in the massacre rolled on to the stage in a wheelchair and said the reason he forgave the man who murdered his wife is simple, he didn’t want to harbor any anger or hatred in his heart and become him.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison while expressing his sorrow told the media that both the Australian and New Zealand government are working closely together to blocking extremist content online and improving gun laws.

Who Performed At The Service?

Yousef Islam aka Cat Stevens also attended the memorial service and sang songs from his 1970 hits “Peace Train” and “Don’t Be Shy.” Two women appeared on stage to recite poems in remembrance of their family members who lost their lives

Reaction to Memorial Service

The memorial service was broadcasted all over the world from New Zealand through Australia. Different people and organization took to social media to express their sorrow. They called for a moment of silence to remember the victims who lost their lives.

Some people while watching the service felt that the massacre could have been avoided if New Zealand had introduced stricter gun laws decades ago.

The speeches delivered by the speakers carried a powerful message that all the people need to listen to

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