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Men In Black International Trailer Has Become Talk of the Town

The new trailer for Men In Black International is out and has left fans drawling to watch the movie. The film will hit the cinemas on June 13, 2019. The trailer shows that theatres will be jam-packed with loads of fun guaranteed.

 Directed by F. Gary Gray and produced in cooperation with some of the biggest production housed in the country like Sony Pictures has taken MIB the best-kept secret on Earth to a whole new level. The movie feature seasoned actors like Chris Hemsworth and Emma Thompson who have time and time again proven how good they are.

Plot Of The Movie

The movie’s plot revolves around a girl who manages to discover the MIB which is the world best-kept secret that no one knows about. After discovering the secret agency, she demands that they allow her to join which they do. She gets partnered up agent H played by yours truly Chris Hemsworth, together they both fight a race of evil aliens who threaten to destroy the planet.

They can call for any backup as the agency has been compromised and it hard to identify who’s good or bad.so gear up to watch one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Fans Reaction

After watching the new trailer fans a lining up to buy tickets all across the world.

For some the action packed movie is nothing but wild and has attracted them dearly

While for others the Tessa and Chris duo is the most attractive part of the film. These actors have worked together in the past and mesmerized the audience by their on screen chemistry.


Fans are also talking about who could be the worst character of the movie. .https://twitter.com/xuluhq/status/1121315146033291264

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