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Rajnath Singh Said Merge Pakistan with India

In apparent criticism of Pakistan, India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Pakistan should conduct a referendum to check whether its citizens wanted to join India or remain there.

The reports coming from Haridwar quoted Rajnath Singh while he was addressing an election rally. In that rally he said that Kashmir had always been part of India and it would remain so in the future.

Rajnath Singh’s Statement on Kashmir

In apparent quip at Pakistan’s demand for holding a plebiscite in Kashmir, Rajnath Singh said,

“Now Pakistan wants referendum on Kashmir but one thing is clear that Kashmir was with India and will be with India and no power can change that. There should instead be a referendum in Pakistan, asking whether its people want to remain in the same country or want to merge with India.”

Rajnath Singh’s Blame Shifting to Pakistan

Rajnath Singh’s Blame Shifting to PakistanThe Indian home minister shifted all the blame of worsened India-Pakistan relations on Pakistan. He said that India always wanted to establish peaceful relations with Pakistan but it was Pakistan or Islamabad in his words that tried to disrupt them. In a rare reference he did not just mention the terrorists but also those who wanted to have a referendum on the Kashmir issue.

“We want peaceful relations with Pakistan but time and again Pakistan is responsible for notorious activities,”

Mr. Singh also went on to say that India’s soft image was gradually being changed into a country with stronger military might. He was of the view that the surgical strikes which India claimed to have conducted on Pakistani side of Kashmir showed the world that India could also take action.

“Through surgical strikes, we have shown the world that even we can take strong action. India is a peace loving country but it is no longer a soft nation.”

He also gave warning to countries whom he thought were conspiring against India.

“If somebody touches us then we will not spare them.”

This is not the first time that India’s home minister and other dignitaries hurled threats to Pakistan. Recently, Indian PM also threatened to annul Indus Water Treaty and take way Pakistan’s Indus Water share towards the Indian Punjabi farmers.

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