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Powerful Mexico Earthquake Claims Over 200 Lives

A powerful earthquake strikes Mexico to shake the country with dozens of fatalities. The powerful Mexico earthquake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale. Among the dead include 20 children of a school, 30 more are missing. The tremor comes at a time when the country had taken a drill after 32 years to take precautionary measures in case of any such event. It is the second earthquake in a month; the first one claimed the lives of 90 people.

Death Due to Powerful Mexico Earthquake

The center of this powerful Mexico earthquake was near Atencingo in the Puebla state. The location of the center is around 120 kilometers away from the Mexico City. The Geologists estimate the depth of the tremor to be 51 kilometers. The hit resulted in sending the frightened residents into the streets. The early tally of the total death toll suggests 250 dead.

  • Around 71 people died in Morelos state.
  • 43 people lost their lives in Pueblo state.
  • The Mexico City counted 68 people dead.
  • 12 lost their lives in Mexico state.
  • The states of Guerrero and Oaxaca lost 3 and 1 people each.

Why Mexico Gets Such Horrific Earthquakes?

Mexico had one of the most devastating earthquakes back in 1985. The tremor claimed thousands of lives back then.

The country lies on world’s most seismically active regions. It sits on three of Earth’s largest tectonic plates Cocos, Pacific, and the North American.

The data from the US Geological Survey suggests that Mexico received 19 major earthquakes measuring 6.5 in magnitude. All these earthquakes occurred within 155 miles of the latest powerful Mexico earthquake. The Mexicans are all too familiar with tremors. However, this devastating natural disaster has sent people into shock and disbelief.

International Reaction on Powerful Mexico Earthquake

The world is responding in shock over the powerful Mexico earthquake.

The US President Donald Trump wished the best to the people of Mexico. Furthermore, he said that the United States is with them and will be there for them.

Melania Trump also showed solidarity with the victims of the tremor.

Similarly, the Vice President of the United States shared the grief of the victims impacted by the natural calamity.

The Canadian PM also expressed solidarity with the victims of the powerful Mexico earthquake. Furthermore, he added that his country would be ready to lend a helping hand.

Celebrities join in the grief of the victims by sending them condolence messages.

Thousands Join Rescue Efforts

Thousands of people have joined the efforts to save the people buried under the rebel. The devastation and destruction have resulted in hundreds of people losing their lives. However, there is still hope for many individuals coming out alive from underneath the rubble. Trained rescuers and rescue dogs are also part of the mission to get the people out of the wreckage. The university students are also participating in the relief efforts with crowds cheering once an individual comes out of the rubble alive.

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